Life is good

Okay. Below THIS post there are two other entries I just put up, on really depressing scary real world stuff I'm not in a position to do anything about. Given that, well, it's time to retreat into my comforting cocoon of normalcy and geekish escapism --

We ordered a stone for SuperGirlfriend's engagement ring today. I'm pretty happy about that. She seems to be, too. Life is good, here in the bubble. For a while longer, anyway.

Libraries are fabulous. I'd lost sight of that over the past several years, when I had no access to one, but last Wednesday SuperGirlfriend and I went over to the nearby branch, where they have a Teen Room. One entire wall of this room is devoted to comic book graphic novels, and I took out a big stack... the Jenkins/Lee INHUMANS, one of the David/McFarlane HULK compilations, an AUTHORITY collection by Warren Ellis, Kirkman's INVINCIBLE, and four ASTRO CITY collections -- LIFE IN THE BIG CITY, CONFESSION, FAMILY ALBUM, and THE TARNISHED ANGEL.

I've plowed through the first three ASTRO CITY collections, and am halfway through the fourth. I may or may not post what I think of them... nearly anything I say will (and probably should) be dismissed as colored by the personal stuff between me and ASTRO CITY 'creator' Kurt Busiek. Still, while I find some of the stuff entertaining, well, I'm seeing flaws and problems everywhere I look, and overall, I guess the word I'd use as an overall description, even if I try to move past my intense dislike of near-plagiarism, is 'second rate'.

Take that however you want to take it.

Moving on to Friday... as it was a payday, I indulged myself a little bit. Having set aside some of my check for the brand spanking new joint checking account SG and I recently opened (we plan to use it as a savings account), and another chunk for SG's engagement ring, I spoiled myself and SG a little bit with what was left, picking up the third season of Angel on DVD for the love of my life, and a few new clix singles for me -- a Mojo, an Icons Lex Luthor, and a Ralph Dibney LE.

And today, we get the girls back. No big plans... maybe a trip to a park, if the sun comes out. Still... it's a good day.

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