If you try sometime, you just might find...

Okay, a couple of things suddenly high up on the Want List here at Castle Anthrax (where bad naughty wicked SuperGirlfriend is forever setting alight the grail shaped beacon, and I am your King!) --

The pop ups are driving us insane, and nothing seems to help. We're now running on Mozilla Firefox; I like the browser, but the pop ups continue to barrage us in utter scorn of its much vaunted capacities. I downloaded a free pop up blocker; it stands there haplessly, wringing its hands and rolling its eyes on our desktop.

So, if anyone out there can think of anything else we can do, we'd really appreciate any feedback. I'm thinking we may need to just go out and buy a really good pop up blocker and install it ourself. SuperGirlfriend is thinking of setting alight the PC shaped beacon. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Less annoyingly, Super Drama Teen likes to play Magic: the Gathering. She doesn't have many cards, and I had gotten out of the horribly addictive game back in the early 21st Century, selling off everything that was worth anything in the late 20th, and finally giving the remaining boxes of worthless land cards, common, and uncommon spells to a friend of my little brother's as thanks for helping me move.

But now (you saw this coming a parsec away, I'm sure)
Super Drama Teen's desire to have accessible play partners has drawn me back in, and me idly teaching SuperGirlfriend to play the game has seen her bitten hard with the bug, too. And... well... we have VERY FEW CARDS.

Now, back in the day, when I was playing Magic, I remember sending out large batches of cards to various vaguely interested parties whom I was trying to share the wealth (and, admittedly, the horrible eye-twitching addiction) with. This was in the tradition of a guy I once knew named Karl, who, after hearing I was steadily resisting being sucked into cardboard crack at the hands of my usual bunch of gamers at that time, came by my house one day and literally threw a big bag of Magic cards at my head. And I fell. Oh, how I fell.

So, in that tradition, I'm now throwing open an empty bag to the world and saying, if anyone out there has any extra Magic: the Gathering cards they don't need, especially basic Land, especially Swamps (but, really, we could use 'em all), well, we here at Castle Anthrax will give them a good home.

I certainly don't expect anyone to send us any Rares; if I had Rare Magic Cards I didn't need, I'd sell 'em on Ebay. But there are apparently 10.3 gazillion Magic cards that have come out over the last six years that I am unfamiliar with, and most of them must be Common or Uncommon, and what we mostly need is Land, so we can actually build decks out of the few cards we get. (We can buy Land at the local shops, but they want like 25 cents apiece for them, which is highway robbery when you need 20 lands at least per deck.)

Anyway, the Castle Anthrax Shelter for Unwanted and Otherwise Surplus Magic Cards is now open.

Also, if anyone out there could make George R.R. Martin get off his fat ass and finish up the next Westeros book, I'd be grateful for that, too.

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