Giving thanks

What do I give thanks for today? Well, I give thanks for SuperFiancee, as always, but this time, especially, for helping me untangle the obstacles my own asinine idiocy erected against my utilization of YouTube this morning, allowing me to... ah, but we'll get to that.

I'm also grateful for YouTube, although, y'know, they could make it a little bit easier for idiots like me to consume their mind numbing wares. They could. They really could.

And I'm grateful for friends like "Miraclo" Mike Norton, for putting together a YouTube 'mix tape' on his blog that requires response from any thinking being, or, barring that, from me, at the very least.

I mean, bad enough he's profaning the sublime by mixing Ben Fold's Five and Stevie Wonder in with Badfinger and Squeeze, Elvis Costello and Queen, Talking Heads and REM and They Might Be Giants, and, for the love of jebus, there's no Blue Oyster Cult anywhere to be found, and it's enough to make even a strong man weep.

But his haughty refusal to link to a certain Fountains of Wayne song/video -- it shall not stand. Not one second longer.

Such libidinous loin candy as this may be beneath the gaze of the ever intellectually elite Emperor Norton (long may he reign) but I shall link to it... like the dog that I am.

Grab your joystick, rocket men, and prepare for BLAST OFF -- !

Not enough for you? Then let me rectify another of the Emperor's grievous failings, and whisk you all to the Four Wind's Barn, for --

Hey, I could do this YouTube stuff all day long, but SuperFiancee needs some help in the kitchen preparing our sumptious Thanksgiving feast. Let me take a few seconds to note a few more things I'm grateful for on the fly:

I'm grateful for the TV show HEROES. But it's hard to remember that, after the way they jerked their entire audience around in the last episode. They know all we want to see is Hiro going back in time to save the perky redhaired waitress, and what do we get instead? 44 minutes of blah blah fucking BLAH and thirty fucking seconds of the sub plot we all tuned in to see, right at the end of the episode -- and to just heap salt in that wound, next ep is a flashback, so it's at least two weeks, maybe more, before we get what we fucking WANT.

Hey, I know the rule of good serial fiction -- make your audience really want something, and then don't give it to them. But they're pissing me off.

I'm also grateful for friends who boot me off the cliff. See, I'd been hesitant to jump into BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The last thing I need is yet another series where I'll like all the characters and get really into the whole thing, yet be continually frustrated by stupid plotting and moronically inconsistent background science. This burned me bad on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (although there, it was the moronically inconsistent fantasy elements) and it kept me from watching more than one episode of Whedon's goddam dimwitted Western in space, whatever the fuck it was called.

And judging from what I'd seen on various chat threads, this pretty much sums up BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, too... excellent premise, great characters, fabulous actors, terrific dialogue, and science that only works when the plot requires it to work, and never any better or any more consistently or in any way that might interfere with the plot, either.

Stuff like that drives me insane, and I wasn't going to jump into it, but then Tony Collett gave me the pilot on DVD for my birthday, and now, here I am, yearning for Season 1, while resolutely refusing to ask myself questions like "okay, how in the name of God can these people have artificial gravity when they don't even have focused energy weapons? In fact, how can they build faster than light drive, and the sentient humanoid robots, and gigantic working artificial environments in space that can support thousands of human life forms, and yet, they don't have focused energy weapons or any kind of advanced medical technology or anything?"

And it also makes me sad, because it bodes very poorly for laser bolos, and laser bolos were probably the single coolest element I remember from the first show.

Well, I liked the jackets the pilots wore in the first show, too. In fact, I always wanted one of those jackets.

Anyway, okay, I'll watch BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, but jesus christ, I would like just once to see someone try to do a science fiction show where they pay some attention to actual science, and still manage to have good writing, interesting characters, and entertaining storylines.

And I also give thanks for the SuperKids, and all my other friends, and a fabulous birthday this year (which isn't over yet, but the last round of gifts won't be for a while yet) and the chance to watch the Bucs getting walloped on national television later on today (hey, may as well be grimly realistic) and an X-Box that plays my favorite tunes randomly all day long, and, oh, yeah, the wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen. I better go see what I can do to help.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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