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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Life is a highway

Off today. Already put up two new posts over at the poli blog. Don't strain your eyes looking for a link in that sentence; if you know where to go, you know where to go. If you don't. well, the fun stuff is over here anyway.

In local news:

This weekend, I get to play HeroClix! SuperFiancee tried to put a birthday bash together for me. Unfortunately, nobody likes me, everybody hates me, except, apparently, Tony Collett. I mean, yeah, suuuuuuuure, Mike Norton and Nate are all like "But, dude, we live hundreds of miles away and can't drive 9 or 10 hours just to play clix with you on your birthday", which to most of you would SOUND reasonable, but I know it's just that they hate me. Or are consumed with jealousy of my status as Fiance to SuperFiancee and Luckiest Man In The Universe, and know they won't be able to conceal it to my face. And...

Wait. I'm starting again.

I get to play HeroClix this weekend! Tony Collett is coming in for my birthday party, and the word is Bane is going to show up, too, although he's being a no fun and won't play clix, he just wants to eat SuperFiancee's excellent dinner. He's a smart, wiley fellow. But that just leaves Tony for me to slap all over whichever HeroClix map we choose randomly. But I will! I've chosen my team and set up their feat cards and victory is all but guaranteed! Oh, such a pummeling as few mortal men have ever witnessed will be enacted in the basement this weekend.

Beyond all that, jesus, my job really sucks lately, but let's not dwell on that.

And the Bucs played very nearly as well as, you know, football players in a Monty Python sketch would be expected to play on Monday Night Football last night. I swear, they should just be adults about it, cancel the rest of their season, and spend the time practicing. They badly, badly need it.

Oh, HEROES was on last night, too. Let's see:

* Hiro jumping into yesterday to save the adorable redheaded waitress should have been the sign off moment. It's the break that's going to keep all of us on pins and needles until next week.

* Apparently, someone gave the various heroes their powers. With Syler running around killing heroes and stealing their body parts, especially their brains, I have to wonder -- is the whole thing just part of some alien cattle breeding scheme? Are metahuman brains tastier than regular?

* Over at Tony Collett's HEROES blog, I did this fabulous post no one is paying any attention to at all, and how is this night different from all other nights? But, anyway, in it I speculated as to exactly what powers Peter (the guy with the Mimic's super power) would have if all the current cast of HEROES got together in one place. He'd be able to read minds, manipulate time and space, fly, instantly regenerate any damage done to him, give off heat and radiation (that's the new guy who showed up last week), and, maybe, if Hiro manages to save the cute waitress, he'd have total recall, too. Also, if Micah and his dad were hanging around too, he'd be able to pass through walls and control machinery. And then I thought, well, what if he absorbs Nikki's power? Would an evil... or, er, less inhibited... split personality immediately manifest?

And then I thought... gee... I wonder if Syler is actually Evil Peter, traveling back into his own past to kill all the heroes?

* I would like an assurance from the writers and producers of HEROES that there is a point in this show, and it's coming soon, where they are going to stop introducing new goddam characters. Because they've reached a point where they can no longer advance every storyline in a single 42 minute episode, and it's pissing me off. And don't try to tell me that they introduced the cute waitress only to kill her off, because we all know she isn't going to stay dead. So we've got her, and we've got Burning Boy, and probably Eden has some kind of superpowers (I'm guessing mind control) and last episode we found out Micah has some kind of powers, and before that, his dad showed up and he has powers. And now it looks like Mohinder has powers, too. All this, in addition to the 7 super powered people pictured in the cast graphic (post below). Either they start doing two hour episodes every week, or they start killing off characters. But I like all the characters, so I don't want them to do that, either.

However, continuing to introduce new characters is a mistake that George R.R. Martin has already inflicted on me in his Westeros fantasy series, and I do not want to see it repeated here.

* I don't understand why the Japanese guys speak Japanese to each other, with English subtitles, but the Indian people all speak English to each other, with British accents.

And that's about all. See ya.


At 1:37 AM , Blogger Tony Collett said...

Don't be so sure. You will surely know...The Fury of Firestorm.
And I want an outdoor map. Other than that, surprise me.

At 8:05 AM , Blogger Highlander said...

Heh. The Fury of Firestorm, indeed. Okay. If you say so.

I've got a map of a park in Metropolis, just outside the Daily Planet building, that will probably do.

At 1:28 PM , Anonymous Always Esteemed Scott said...

I'm even more 100s of miles away and I don't know how to play Heroclix.

Happy Birthday anyway, dude.

At 1:37 PM , Blogger Highlander said...

Thanks, Scott. But it's no excuse. I know YOU hate me, too. ;)

At 8:29 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

(Finally coming up for air and looking around a little.)

Yeah, such time off as I'm able to swing for myself I'm hoping to do as little of it as possible traveling. I'll wish you both a great game, though.

As with everyone else, Firestorm has to play better under your house rules than he does the official ones. I'll be curious to see who Tony backs him up with... or if he's a nuclear red herring!

Still, upon further consideration, the jealousy angle's a strong bet, too. Good call.

While still early, a happy birthday to you, too!

At 12:48 AM , Blogger Tony Collett said...

We decided on a 1000 point game, and I said it would give me the chance to build a halfway decent JLA team. Remember, except for a brief flirtation last July when I got the Danger Room set and a few boosters (and played H a couple of times) I've been out of Heroclix since the Galactus debacle.
That being said, I've kept my cards fairly close to the chest, but I told H in e-mails that a JLA team had to have a Martian Manhunter, and leaked that Firestorm was another one I would use. H keeps saying he's a bad character, little knowing that he was one of my favorites, but I let it slide and don't point out he's gay for Nova (another attempt to rip-off early Spidey)^_^
Anywho, about the only other thing I'll tell you that the sausage fest ended when GL was replaced by Wonder Woman. As far as what my other cards are, let's just say that it's a card you gave me.
What, you gave me all the cards in my collection? Well, poop..
Okay, hows this for a hint: I'm going to rip it up with my brilliant tactics.
And I don't have Metropolis Park outdoor map, so I can't say I'm familiar with it. But given my team, I say that's fine.


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