Soothing the savage something

YouTube: very addictive.

Here's the latest way I've wasted far far too many minutes of my life that I will never get back:

So, I went looking for some Bruce Springsteen just for Mike Norton. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a studio version of one of my favorite Springsteen songs. However, I did find this pretty excellent acoustic version of the song, featuring Bruce dueting with Melissa Etheridge. Suffer through the annoying yak-yak at the start; the performance is worth it.

Bruce Springsteen & Melissa Etheridge Thunder Road

Then, having posted that, might as well toss up one of my favorites by Melissa --

Now we'll go WAAAAAAY back for one of my favorite bits of 60s pop fluff. There were several versions of the song with several different accompanying videos, but this one unfortunately is the only one I could find with the original song and decent sound quality. Just deal with the video.

One of my favorite 80s bands. Dig on the tune. Ignore the hair. No, seriously. Really ignore the hair. You could hurt yourself otherwise.

From "All You Zombies" to THE Zombies -- a song that's another blast from the past. Enjoy.

Am I a girlie-mon for liking this song a lot? Okay, I'll own it. But I really do like this song a lot.

Yeah, yeah. Shut up. You know you like it, too, you just won't admit it.

Here's a cool little thing I stumbled across -- not only a song I really like but in the setting I originally heard/saw it in.

Yeah, okay, I'm old.

Well, I'm not this old, but I like the song anyway.

And I can't close out without something from BOC. Unfortunately, YouTube's archives don't seem to include "ME-262" or "Perfect Water", but I did find two of my favorite other BOC tunes I'll happily share with you. First up, the Shooting Shark music video:

And I'll close out with "Veteran of the Psychic Wars", set to some weird animation from some frickin' anime show that Cartoon Network runs when they should be showing Justice League Unlimited, instead.

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