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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Opening salvo

Now updated with chocolatey goodness!

As SUPERNOVA came out today, and, you know, it was yet another crappy day on the job, SuperFiancee, Super Adorable Kid, and I stopped off at Great Escape on the way home from work tonight, and I picked up two boosters.

Hopes for at least one Unique, maybe even one of the Zombie Super Rares, were dashed as soon as I got home and dug into them. Still, everything's new to me, and I got no duplicates, and actually ended up with 4 Vets out of 8 figs, so that's a good bit of the all right.

Here's what I wound up with:

Shi'ar Warrior (r)
Super Apes (v)
Justice (v)
Sage (v)
Kang (r/e)
She-Hulk (e)
Drax the Destroyer (r)
Photon (v)

Rick Jones (pog)
Jane Foster (pog)

Overall, I'm satisfied. Yeah, there's some rue in the fact that my first two boosters of a set I almost entirely like the character choice on yielded up two characters I couldn't care less about (Sage, Photon) and one I actively detest (She-Hulk). And I find it interesting that my rookie Kang has an Experienced Kang's dial, making him quite a bargain for the listed price. And I'm annoyed the Jane Foster pog doesn't have Support, and the Rick Jones pog lacks an Avengers TA. But I'm happy to have a vet Justice and one of the Super Apes and even the rookie Drax is a romper-stomper.

One of the things I frequently find baffling is how to display some of the figs that come out, when they don't have strong group associations. In the past, I've had trouble figuring out where to put the likes of Jonah Hex, Deathlok, Ka-Zar, and Adam Strange. With this small pull, I was briefly baffled as to where to put Drax. Finally, I put him next to his daughter, Moondragon, who is towards the back of my rather large Avengers mob on top of the comics bookshelf in the short hallway next to the big bathroom. Either or both of them could just as easily go in the nearby mob of Avengers VILLAINS, but I decided to err to the positive in their case. Just call me a starry eyed optimist.

Other than the one Super Ape, I didn't get any of the figures I really BADLY want from these two boosters, but, well, that's to be expected. Many of them are Uniques (Red Ghost, Karnak, Machine Man, Jack of Hearts, Super Skrull, Korvac, Captain Mar-Vell, Binary, Graviton, Thanos) and others are very high up in the Rare REV rotation (Thor, Silver Surfer, Mantis, Vision). I would have happily traded nearly anything but the Super Ape for an Ant-Man, though. Or a Nova.

Still, they'll come, in time. Although, as to that, I haven't even finished up everything I want to get from SINISTER yet...

UPDATE, 11/17/06:

Four more boosters last night -- he's out of control! Fly, you fools!! -- yielded up... um...

Skrull Warrior r, e
Badoon Warrior r,e
Jubilee, e
Sunspot, e (2)
another Vet Sage
Nocturne, e
Nova, r, v
Ant-Man, r,e
Legacy, r
Red Ghost, U
Korvac, U

And I can't remember what-all feat cards or Battlefield Conditions, but I do remember I got a Satellite object.

Then, tonight, I played a team consisting of the Vet Nova, the Vet Photon, the rookie Drax, and Korvac against Super Drama Teen's Avengers squad -- the Vet Hawkeye (from Fantastic Forces), the Experienced Quicksilver (from Armor Wars) the Vet IC Scarlet Witch, my new Iron Man LE from Supernova, an Experienced Falcon, and a Vet Wonder Man. I beat her pretty badly, not losing even a single piece on my side. Korvac is a monster; with an AutoRegenerate on him, he's very nearly indestructible. I suspect he could have destroyed the entire Avengers squad by himself (which would be continuity accurate, actually). Anyway, it put Super Dependable Teen in a pretty crappy mood.

But tomorrow -- Mission: Destroy Firestorm!


At 10:00 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

Yeah, no sign of many of them here, either, and I'm 6 boosters in, though I've been beating the odds in terms of uniques. The Genis variations, any Shi'ar, Ant Man, Drax, Silver Surfer, Nova, and Mantis are all among those I've yet to see outside of someone else's hands at the pre-release.

Your comment on the Kang dials has me realizing I haven't checked the particulars of each dial, only making sure that the base and the figure match. Something else to check... ::sheesh:: It's a good thing they took the extra three weeks for quality control, isn't it?

At 11:50 AM , Blogger Handsome said...

I didn't check all my dials, but I knew there was no way the rookie Kang was finishing up with a 12 attack on his terminal active slot. That's just madness. Obviously, I can't play him for the rookie points, but, whew! If I hadn't realized what was going on, I'd be thinkin' I'd picked up a real bargain. And thinking much nicer things about Seth, too.

At 3:19 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

Some good, additional pulls, I see!

I agree that Rick not having the Avengers TA is annoying, especially knowing they didn't do it largely because people would complain that he'd show up in games with several wildcards, with Rick having been Thunderbolted to something particularly helpful. Jane Foster, though, well, they even pulled that old Kirby illo of her for the pog, so this was back when she was mostly there for Don/Thor to moon over (and vice versa) in between being held hostage or making Daddy Odin shake his head and say whatever Norse gods say when they want to say "oy vey."

As I look at the extra Sage, Nocturne, Sunspot, etc. pieces I've pulled I'm all the happier Seth decided to make the first four slots generics, as I can too easily see how many low-level, named extras I'd have tossed back into the case. I'm hoping to be able to trade some of the other, extra commons for more aliens over the coming week. Interestingly, there are some players who simply don't want them.

As for that game, the Avengers were up against some pretty steep odds!


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