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Saturday, November 25, 2006

This calls for hyperspeed

...or a lot more stamina than I seem to have nowadays, anyway.

Let's see. Thursday we did the feast thing. Turkey, fabuloused up by the 'butter buttons under the skin' method we saw The Drunk Bitch do on the Food Channel. She may be a drunk, but she knows how to fix a turkey. Yum yum. Add in the sides -- SuperFiancee's amazing stuffing, incredible mashed potatoes, fantastic sweet potatoes, awesome gravy, incredible corn, wondrous peas, and unbelievably terrific apple pie. All told, a tremendous meal, that we ate while watching the Bucs take a historic shelling on national television from the hated Dallas Cowboys.

Well, it's a rebuilding year. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Friday we saw and enjoyed Casino Royale, the first, but hopefully not the last, quasi-realistic Bond film. No dumb ass high tech gimmicks, no idiotic bimbos with idiotic bimbo names, no world conquering villains with frankly deranged schemes. Just a good script with a plot that more or less made sense, excellent dialogue, interesting character work, and actors that made it all work. I enjoyed it. If I had a problem with it, it was simply that the presentation was so different from previous franchise entries that I had a hard time remembering, or emotionally accepting, that this actually was a James Bond film. But given how generally retarded most past Bond films have been, I can't see this as a bad thing.

We also did some grocery shopping, ate some leftovers, and dropped by the Great Escape, where I picked up the newest 52 and the first two issues of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I also got some Magic cards, an Ultimates Hulk Unique HeroClix (the 20% off everything in the store got it down from just above my $20 per piece cut off point to something around $16, which was okay) and a copy of the Alistair Sims version of Scrooge on videotape for SuperFiancee.

Today, well, we got the kids back, which is always fabulous. Most of the day was spent taking down autumn and some specific Thanksgiving decorations, and putting up Christmas decorations. I always have a good time doing seasonal stuff with SuperFiancee and the SuperKids, but between carrying boxes up from the basement storage room, wrestling the step ladder up from the basement and out into the front yard, stringing extension cords behind shrubbery, reassembling my artifical tree (which we put outside, next to the front stairs), pounding in nails while balancing precariously on the porch balustrade, hanging garland on said nails, setting up and decorating the Superhero Tree... honestly, I'm exhausted. But happy.

So, that's how my holiday weekend has gone. How about yours?


At 9:59 AM , Blogger AaA said...

Hmm, lessee... got out of work Wednesday night at 11pm, went to my friends Orlo and Jojo's house to spend the night (after hastily packing a bag at mine), chilled for a couple hours playing Civ II on their PC (after installing it).

They let me sleep in until noon, then sicced the dogs on me (Cody, Peanut, and Lily, male tan, male brindle, and female black pitbulls, respectively). Awake and bathed (well, drowned in doggie drool, but nary a difference) I went down, showered and dressed, and acted as the 'man behind the throne' for Emperor Orlo of the Orlonian Empire for a while until the feast was fully prepared. Apparently Civ II was a big hit.

We feasted, watched Heroes on their DVR, and I departed for home to put away my swag (leftover turkey meal counts as swag of the highest order, especially when it includes punkin pie, as my swag did). Then, after cramming it into my fridge (the swag, try to keep up), I went to work from 7p-11p. Fri and Sat were 3p-11p, had Sunday off, did very little, except to go to mom's and devour more turkey, more punkin pie, and bring home... nothing. There were 8 of us, and only 10 pounds of turkey, including bones. There were no suvivors.


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