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Monday, December 04, 2006

All hail the Taminator

Listing all the reasons I like, admire, respect, and utterly adore SuperFiancee would take years and cost millions of lives. But just so you guys get a vague hint as to just why I'm so besotted, here are a few of the things my baby has managed to accomplish today:

* She had a huge project dumped in her lap on Friday, which was a half day for her. It had to be done today, and express mailed out tonight. She's got it done. While doing all that, she also --

* Managed to track down the last of a particular t-shirt put out by a local novelty vendor in XXL sizes. I saw one of these shirts while we were at a local shop a few weeks ago and snatched it up, and we know we have two friends who would also love this shirt, and have been searching high and low to get two more in this size for Christmas gifts. Talking to the store owner was fruitless, going to the website noted on the t-shirt itself availed nothing, but through sheer unrelenting... er... unrelentingness... she's reserved the last two of that shirt in that size anywhere in the world. Which should make two people very happy this holiday season.

* Ascertained that after several weeks of hassling, she has emerged triumphant over the dickhead in LA who had no real idea whether or not he had ever mailed out my last birthday present, or what address he mailed it to. It's sitting at home right now, waiting for me to get there and open it.

* Gotten a discount DVD place to agree to accept and replace one of my birthday DVDs (Once Around)whose soundtrack doesn't work.

In addition to all this, she's just escalated the def-con level considerably with a dumbass down in Florida who has been jerking around on getting her money back on some orders she placed, and then canceled, last week. They obviously think they're ahead of the curve here, but they don't know who they're dealing with. I confidently predict they'll holler uncle and get the money back onto her credit card by Wednesday at the latest.

You have no idea how wonderful it is to share your life with someone so overwhelmingly formidable at resolving conflicts and dealing with whatever pragmatic issues that arise. I mean, I can do problem solving when I need to, but lately, I just sit back in awe and watch the Taminator go to work on anyone foolish enough to try and be obstructive to the peaceful progress of our lives.

It is a sight to behold.


At 6:07 PM , Blogger SuperFiancee said...

Heh. You're funny. I love you, though.

At 8:59 AM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

She is, she is, a wonder she is.

I know I ended up crashing relatively early Monday night, and so to avoid getting into something that might keep me up I simply stayed off the computer in the evening -- perhaps you did the same. Knowing how bizarre some bricks were and how nicely balanced some others were, I'll be checking back to see what additions came out of the yours. I'm hoping the absence of an update was simply a matter of available time, and that some of the ones you most wanted were found.

At 10:28 AM , Blogger Highlander said...


I am funny, but I'm in utter earnest about your capacity for solving problems. I am in awe of you. That is the simple truth.


Brick stuff is up.

At 8:19 PM , Blogger AaA said...

I know I wouldn't want to be a problem she thought needed solving. (That's supposed to be complimentary. I mention this because lately I seem to only insert my foot when my mouth opens.)

Grats on having your own 'hired muscle'.


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