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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Heroic thoughts

I really enjoy NBC's new show HEROES. But I think there should be more scary, unsavory, criminal black men on it. And I think ALL the white people should beat them up. Not just the crazy stripper. Because I'm concerned about the message.

I know it's overly analytical, and perhaps foolishly old fashioned of me to be concerned about things like the lessons a TV show may teach our kids. But I keep thinking impressionable young Caucasians may be confused by the show's apparent message that only crazy ho bitches should kick the bejesus out of mean, shifty eyed, poorly dressed colored men.

Of course that's not the actual message. I understand that. But children can be easily confused. I'd just like to see ALL the white heroes beat the shit out of the black guys. It would reassure me, and I think the youngsters in the audience would 'get it' better.

I think someone should put a beat down on that lousy junkie and his slut girlfriend, too. He does illegal drugs, and she sleeps around a lot. Moral fiction demands that such behavior be visibly punished. Otherwise, we've lost our center.

I will say this -- the gook guys are kinda cool. I mean, they're helpful and they pretty much do what they're told. So I like them.

I am a little disappointed that Spawn hasn't shown up yet. I mean, the show is called 'Heroes'. You kinda NEED Spawn. Or they should change the name of the show. Still, I'm sure they'll correct this egregious error after the New Year.


At 7:59 PM , Blogger Tony Collett said...

Hey, the Haitan's black, and he don't take no stuff from nobody.
That thing about Spawn at the end, add some complaints about no one wearing costumes and no real villains like Dr. Doom and you've got a Sidney Mellon column.

At 8:33 PM , Blogger AaA said...

Hmmm, ok, I know I'm missing something here, but...

You DO realize that Ali LArter's character is the 'bad guy', in the stripped and man-on-the-run relationship, right? And that, by default, the "mean, shifty eyed, poorly dressed colored" man is the good guy?

See, HE planned the job, but then DIDN'T go through with it. Nikki's sister Jessica DID, AND then killed his co-conspirator's, AND framed him for it, AND hid the money in the crawlspace, and NOW she's planning on killing him too. (I haven't watched my Heroes tape of Monday night yet, so I don't know how that went, although I have your mention that she beat him up, still, I was left hanging as she drew a sniper's bead on him, so beaten is a definite improvement over being shot in the head.)

The crazy stripper's psychotic alter-ego is the bad guy. Or a bad guy. Not her estranged husband. He's ok.

So, now here's the part where you explain something to me that I missed...


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