My unsung genius

So, after a mad blitzkrieg of shameless self plugging yesterday and today, I really wore out my welcome at Sadly, No!. I mean, to the point where no one was even acknowledging my posts any more. Not even a 'heh, indeed'. I was like, all woebegone and shit.

But I like the Sadly, No! threads, and hate being ignored, and really felt I still had so much to offer. So, under the pseudonym "Goober", I posted the following earlier this afternoon:

ANNIEANGEL: Ah ha ha ha ha ha! ::cackle::


GAVIN: Pipe down, Calo Nord is almost down, I’ve got… dammit!

RETARDO: Should have thrown all your grenades at him first.

GAVIN: I know that NOW…

ANNIEANGEL: Hey, I’m cackling over here.

GAVIN: Oh, you’re kidding. My last save is way back on Telos?

RETARDO: Grenades, man.

BRAD: I beat Calo Nord on Telos. You know that first time you meet him in the bar? I beat him.

GAVIN: It’s impossible to beat him on Telos in the bar.

RETARDO: Not if you throw all your grenades at him…

ANNIEANGEL: Hey! Dummies! Over here! ::lifts tank top::

GAVIN: They won’t let you throw any grenades! It’s impossible! He counts to three and if you’re still in his face he just kills you! The game won’t give you a chance to do anything!

BRAD: You are looking at the only man who ever beat Calo Nord on Telos.

GAVIN: It’s impossible! How could you do that?

RETARDO: He reprogrammed the code to let him throw all his grenades.



ANNIEANGEL: Where did HE come from?


GAVIN: So… you’ve never truly faced death.

BRAD: I’ve cheated death. I’ve taunted… wait. Which one of us is Spock in this thing?

RETARDO: Spock’s in orbit, dude. ‘If we go by the book, hours would seem like days’. Remember?

BRAD: Riiiiiiight. A frickin’ coded message that Gilligan and the Skipper would have seen through, but Khan, with his superior intellect, was totally snowed.

KIRK’S PROBABLY GAY SON: Hey, I’m not gay. This kind of hairstyle was in back in the 80s. Check out the Hooters “All You Zombies” video sometime.

ANNIEANGEL: I’m just going to leave.

RETARDO: I’m Chekov! “He put CREE-churs in our BODees, Keptin.”

BRAD: Hey, Annie’s leaving.

GAVIN: Never mind. Reprogram this thing so I can beat Calo Nord in the bar.

BRAD: Admiral? Admiral? ::whispering:: Admiral?

RETARDO: Oh, man, don’t even start with the Melville.

And they loved me! Well, they loved "Goober", anyway. I mean, look at the way the raves just rolled in:


Kathleen said,

December 9, 2006 at 1:50

Goober, that was teh awesome.


Highlander said,

December 9, 2006 at 1:56

BRAD: Riiiiiiight. A frickin’ coded message that Gilligan and the Skipper would have seen through, but Khan, with his superior intellect, was totally snowed.

Heh. Indeed.


Jillian said,

December 9, 2006 at 2:52

Goober needs to win an award.


Snowwy said,

December 9, 2006 at 3:03

Goober for the win!


TC said,

December 9, 2006 at 3:10

And Goober didn’t even need a lickspittle sockpuppet to make it work.

Well played, sir!

Now fix the the tags and you OWN this joint.


Smiling Mortician said,

December 9, 2006 at 3:13

Um, could Goober also maybe make the preview button come back? I mean, if he’s The One and all.

I mean, suddenly I feel like Sally Field. Except, you know, it's sad that they only really like me when they don't know who I am.

As nobody from a site as cool as Sadly No undeniably is would ever come over here, I'm sure my secret is safe with all of you.

Addendum: Oh, yeah... Notice how I cleverly inserted a comment on my own comment from one of my known pseuds, to throw suspicious minds off the scent? Verisimilitude, thy name is Highlander/Handsome/Doc Nebula. ::snickering like Muttley::

Another Addendum: I really have to wonder, though, if anyone else actually understood that whole thing. If so, holy shit, a great many people need to get lives as badly as I do, or worse. I didn't think that was possible.

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