Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All praise! He's found the awful truth!

None of us can do it alone -- and even if we could, we really wouldn't want to. So it is that I take a moment to praise every person out there without whom I just wouldn't want to even bother getting up in the morning --

ALL PRAISE to SuperFiancee, who is always the lead off batter in any appreciation line up I throw together. SuperFiancee always rocks, and all of you reading this know what I'm talkin' about, too. Today, though, she successfully preserved my lazy peaceful morning off from the depradations of an overly eager landlord who, having discovered he could get a drywall contractor over here a day earlier than previously arranged, was all hot to do it. I was blissfully sleeping while SuperFiancee diverted full power to our energy shields and deflected the otherwise inevitable intrustion into my sweet repose, and while this is perhaps the least of an infinitude of things I am grateful to her for, still, it's the most recent way, just today, she's made my life so much better than it ever was without her. PRAISE SuperFiancee! PRAISE HER, I say!

ALL PRAISE to the SuperKids, without whom my life would be a much, much bleaker place. PRAISE THEM!!! PRAISE THEM!!!!

ALL PRAISE to Tony and Kathy Collett, who sent us a surprise package of gifts that we found on our porch yesterday, upon arriving home from work (after a quick stop off at UPS to ship out what is hopefully the final wave of our own Xmas goodies and greetings). I am now the proud, happy owner of COMIC BOOK GUY'S BOOK OF POP CULTURE, and must admit, in the diorama showing the BEST APARTMENT EVER, there are several items that I would give several limbs (not necessarily my own, mind you) to own, like the Bender Blender and Wookie-Skin Rug. I admit to a sneaking, furtive fondness for the Zardoz Floating Head Hanging Lamp, as well, not because Zardoz is anything beyond a crappy movie, but just because it's such an obscure reference as to be cool in and of itself.

SuperFiancee got a really lovely vase that she likes a lot, and I suppose that's okay, too. The SuperKids also all got presents, but they're at their dad's this week, so I don't know what they are as yet. Still... PRAISE the Colletts! PRAISE

ALL PRAISE to my brother Pat and his family, who sent us a three month membership in the Blockbuster Movie Club, which will give us three month's worth of candy, popcorn, and movie rentals starting in January. PRAISE PAT!!! PRAISE HIS FAMILY!!!! Seriously, bro, thanks a bunch.

ALL PRAISE to me mum and stepdad Carl, who sent us a package of goodies that awaits me over at the local post office, as soon as I get off my lazy ass and trek over to snatch it up. Thanks, Mom and Carl.

ALL PRAISE to the Always Esteemed Scott Shepherd, who has already advised me that he'll be shipping us his own package of gifts for the whole family... someday. Yet it's not the space-time coordinates that matter, but the incredibly generous gesture of friendship that counts, so I say PRAISE Scott Shepherd! PRAISE HIM!!!

And, finally, ALL PRAISE to Mike Norton, Nate Clark, Scott Ryan, Laurie Boris, Mark and Lisa Gibson, Your Girl Friday, and other absent friends whom we wish were less absent, but whom our hearts and thoughts remain with throughout this Christmas season. I cannot praise true friends enough, or those in my family who love me enough to remember me here in the holiday season. All Praise to all you folks... and Merry Christmas, too!


  1. Nice job! I'm totally stealing this idea soon! Lots of folks that I need to be thanking and 'tis the season, you know.

    As for holding off pesky landlords, well, t'weren't nuthin', my love. I'd have shot 'im in the leg, had it been necessary. That's how much I love you...;)

  2. Always Esteemed Scott4:55 PM

    who has already advised me that he'll be shipping us his own package of gifts for the whole family... someday

    Today, in fact. Yay me.
    So, obviously the package won't arrive in time for Christmas, but it should arrive before spring, which is pretty good, for me anyway. Expect it sometime in the first week of January, and enjoy a small second Christmas.

    Oh, and have a happy first Christmas this coming Monday, and a Happy New Year too.


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