Bits of string less than three inches long

  • Did a quick redraft on a few of the more problematic sections of WARREN'S WORLD. For some reason I do not understand, if you copy/paste from Word all your apostrophes turn into skludge when posted to the Internet, or, at least, to Angelfire. So you need to copy/paste from Wordpad instead. Strange but true.

  • Got a big boost to the hit counter from a comment I left in a Sadly, No! thread a few days ago, but now that song is over... I'm back down to my usual 30 or so a day. More hits really doesn't mean much of anything, though, as none of the new traffickers troubled to leave a comment over here. Some of them lingered for minutes or hours, but apparently had nothing to say. You'd think I wasn't obnoxious, or anything. Course, some of you regulars lurk for minutes or hours too and never leave comments, either, so, it's pretty much business as usual over here.

  • Hey, that last bullet point went to a snarkier place than I meant it to. Sorry.

  • On the other hand, all around goodfella Tony "12 Pounds" Collett linked to me again. So I got that goin' for me. Which is nice.

  • At this point, it's between Hillary and Barack (I don't know why people always say 'Hillary and Obama'. Shouldn't it be consistent? If you're going to call her by her first name, call him by his. ) Anyway, while it makes me sad that John Edwards isn't in it any more, and makes me even sadder that Ralph Nader will never be President, still, if it's a choice between Hillary and Barack, I am desperate for it to be Barack. And I don't quite know why, except that Hillary strikes me as being very nearly as calculating and insincere as Mitt Romney, while Obama strikes me as being reasonably genuine. Mind you, his pandering to the devout makes me physically ill, but I guess a Presidential candidate's gotta do what a Presidential candidate's gotta do, in a country too stupid to keep superstitious idiots from voting.

  • WizKids is doing their level best to get me back into the HeroClix thing, and their level best is pretty darned good -- Silver Age Aqualad, Silver Age Speedy, Silver Age Kid Flash, Silver Age Wonder Girl (in the Nick Cardy outfit, mmmm yeah), Mercury, Lead and Tin of the Metal Men, Psycho-Pirate, Dr. Sivana, Star Sapphire, Jack and Ten of the Royal Flush Gang, Liberty Belle, and Uncle Sam. Probably the best Flash dial yet (albeit with hands down the worst sculpt ever), and some other goodies as well. So it's a damn fine effort for them. But, it isn't going to work. Still... nice effort, guys. (Although I think you're going a little nuts with the Double Figures.)

  • That is all.

  • For now.

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