Untap, upkeep

Pete Vonder Haar over at A Perfectly Cromulent Blog has been kind enough to blogroll me, so I have reciprocated.

Under my last entry, Reading Railroad, I've added a pretty lengthy review of BLUE BEETLE 1 - 12, which I forgot I'd read until recently. If you think that doesn't bode well for my reaction to the series, well, what a clever little person you are.

I seem to be fighting a throat and sinus thing -- no fever and my mucus is still largely clear, so it seems like liberal libations of Zycam and frequent salt water gargling is holding it short of turning into an infection, but my nose is stuffed up and my voice is largely shot. (That last may in part be due to strain from the first lengthy roleplaying session I've had to DM in a while, yesterday... but I'm happy we had a chance to do it, as I managed to wrap up a long-hanging scenario and get the survivors back to the present day again.)

And I have a new assignment with my latest employer starting in a week or so. This one looks to be longer term than my previous stint with them.

Hey, checking around my usual haunts a little I see Mike Norton has updated his blog again, which is always a welcome occurrence. Go leave him a comment or two. Tell him Bobo sent you. That should confuse the fuck out of him... ;)

And that may well be all, until, at least, my next post.

Vayos con guevos, my friends, my friends.

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