Kicking over milestones

BTW, apparently 'Stylin', a few posts back, was my 500th post. I noted to myself a while back (around 488) that the 500 thing was coming up, then promptly forgot about it until a minute or so ago, when I was checking SuperWife's blog and saw she'd noted one of her own blogiversaries.

For whatever it's worth, while the first post on this blog is dated 11/10/05, it's a reprint of a post from 10/21/05 from this blog's precursor, which went by the same name but which I had set up using Angelfire's blogshell. THAT blog apparently started up on 10/21/05, so... well, as with nearly everything I do, ultimately, it's all debatable. Still, it would seem I have a three year blogoversary coming up next autumn on some date or another, and I passed my two year last October or November, depending on how you want to count.

How time flies when you're winging rapidly towards the grav... er... having fun! Yes, that's what I meant. O'course, o'course. ::coughing::

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