Power down

An hour or so after I hung today's posts, our power flickered, all the lights gradually dimmed... and then, went out. Which made me sad.

It also made me a little nervous. Whenever the power goes out, I always wonder, somewhere in the back of my mind, if it's going to come back on again at some point -- or is this it? Has the Apocalypse begun? Will I never post another stupid little thing to my blog? Will I never check my email again? Are the meat-gangs with their stewpots a block up the street and heading my way, chanting "Blood, blood, blood makes the stew sweet"?

Mostly what it did, though, as power outages always do, was cause me to stand just where I was exactly as everything went dark, and say to myself, "Okay, now my world has turned to suck". Because, you know, when you get as much of your life out of those little sockets on the wall as I do, it's kind of bewildering when suddenly, nothing works any more.

I'm better off than many, living in a house with thousands of books, at least 15 of which I haven't read yet and am planning to. Thanks to SuperWife, we have lots and lots of candles, too (but few matches, and the firelighter is nearly out of butane... whoops... well, I never said I was the guy you wanted most to be hanging with in case of sudden emergency...). So if it WERE the Apocalypse, we'd do a little bit better than some, for a little while... but in the end, I expect I'd be going into that stewpot.

Well, it might buy some time for SuperWife and the kids to beat it out the back door.

However, the lights came back on three hours later, so, once again, at least for a while, all is well.


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