Hot enough for you?

Billmon points us to this article on global warming, which warns that the Earth will become largely uninhabitable due to a sudden ten degree spike in ambient temperature, "within the next decade or two".

All this is coming from a scientist named James Lovelock, who you can dismiss as a crackpot if you want to, but bear in mind as you do it that he's the same guy who first predicted depletion of our ozone layer due to chlorofluorocarbons back in the 1970s. He's a very sharp guy with an excellent track record, and it would seem we disregard his forecasts at our own peril.

What's to do about it? Invest in polar real estate, I guess. As Billmon notes, Greenland may well become the Florida of the 22nd Century. For the sake of any descendents I may have living there, I sincerely hope they have better football teams by then.

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