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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ups and downs

We got ambushed by some kind of vicious bug sometime on Sunday, with the result that SuperFiancee became increasingly sicker as the afternoon and evening wore on. Spiking a small fever, her head and lungs started to fill with phlegm, causing her to feel weak and nauseated, as well as have difficulty breathing, frequently compounded by very scary coughing fits. She and I both wound up spending a sleepless Sunday night as she hacked and wheezed and worried and ran errands for her, and therefore, we both called in sick yesterday.

I waited on her and foot most of yesterday, after getting a couple of hours of sleep in the baby's bed (which, once, long ago, in another, worser incarnation, was the futon I used to sleep on down in Florida) so she could have ours to herself. She seems to have thrown off most of it, although she's still got the cough, and may well call in sick again today, if she can talk herself into it. Given that she seems to be doing better, I'll go in to work, although I'll worry and fret and bombard her with calls for progress reports on every break.

The SuperKids, thankfully, seem to have avoided the crap, although Super Drama Teen, our oldest, has an intermittent cough now, too. Still, she's got respiratory issues of her own and isn't necessarily coming down with whatever SuperFiancee had... or so we sincerely hope.

We have no idea exactly what it was that hit so hard, or where it came from, or how SuperFiancee wound up with it and I managed a pretty clean miss. But whatever it is, it seems to be passing, for which I heartily thank Whatever There May Be.

In 'up' news, the ever generous S.M. Stirling dropped me an email the other day offering to send me a comp copy of his latest book, as recent money woes have kept me from buying ANYthing at full price in a bookstore lately, especially at hardcover rates. Once I get it and read it, I'll have to see if I'm still on the board over at joebobbriggs.com, and if I am, I'll send them a nice review. Or at least an honest one; but I think I'm safe in assuming it will be excellent.

Now, Mr. Stirling, if we could just get that next installment in the Draka series where the Alliance comes back from Alpha Centauri a generation or so after THE STONE DOGS and liberates Earth, finally expunging the Draka from the human genotype once and for all, I could die a happy man. ;) (Yeah, I read DRAKON. I simply don't accept it as a valid installment in the series. Sorry.)

Okay, I gotta start chasing the day. Any good energy anyone out there has to spare, send it to SuperFiancee.

UPDATE: SF isn't doing as well as I'd optimistically hoped earlier this morning, so she's definitely staying home, and I'm here with her. She's planning to see if her doctor will phone a 'scrip in for some antibiotics, and if he does, I'll be on hand to walk over and pick them up for her. Also, by staying home today, I save her the otherwise necessary long drive out to J-Town to pick me up tonight.

In an odd note of sychronicity, we stumbled onto Love Potion No. 9, an 80s era romantic/sex comedy, on one of our pay stations this morning. What's odd is that the movie stars Tate Donovan, and down under my last entry, you'll see a comment from someone named Tate, who, to the best of my knowledge, has never commented on the blog before.

Strange how things connect randomly like that.


At 7:48 AM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

These illnesses can come up suddenly, to be sure. We know she's a tough broad, so she'll bounce back quickly enough, especially with getting all the able assist. Watching out for the rest of you -- especially anyone with existing respiratory issues -- is important. Half of my household falls into that category, so we approach illnesses (and flu season in particular) with care.

All the best, and I'm sure we'll all be watching for signs of renewed life.

At 5:34 PM , Blogger Highlander said...

We both appreciate the good words and thoughts. I'd write a better response, but I'm really tired, and realizing that, since I'm going to be working 12 hour days tomorrow and Friday in addition to today, I basically get to go home, eat dinner, and go to bed from now until frickin' Saturday. Yay.

However, as long as SuperFiancee makes a full recovery from this shit, I'm still the luckiest of men and I'll shut up about mere quibbles.

At 3:29 AM , Blogger AaA said...

Thankfully for me, my job qualifies me for, and my insurance covers the cost of, the yearly flu shot. I've gotten the flu in years past, and it's never fun. Maybe SF had bronchitis and not flu, anyway, hope it clears out soon. Hopefully it will give Super-Drama Teen the miss.


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