I feel like I should wear a hat

It's a quote -- most likely a mangled misquote, actually, given how shitty my recollection is -- from BODY HEAT. So don't worry about it.

Day three of the Respiratory Shit From Hell for SuperFiancee, and instead of being home where I should be giving her as much support as I can, I'm here at the Scream Center doing a 12 hour shift to make up for the hours I lost Monday and Tuesday, which, if my health and my temper hold out, I'll be repeating tomorrow and Friday.

Adding to my woes, I get here, after not being here for four days, only one of which was really at all restful (Saturday, way back in the long ago era Before SuperFiancee Was Sick, when we spent most of the day dropping over $500 from my FSA on two new pairs of glasses for me, fucking BIfocals, Jesus CHRIST), I find a stack of email in my work system, and each one I open gets worse and worse. First, they're doing all this mandatory United Way shit here for the next two weeks, and if I manage to dodge it all without putting any of my inadequate pay into a goddam donations bucket, I'll be a lucky lucky man. Second, they're moving everyone's cubicles again this Saturday, which is always a pain in the ass, with the packing your shit up and then never knowing where you're going to end up and with my luck, I'll be right in front of a supervisor where my computer screen will be constantly under surveillance. Fuck.

But that was just the prelude, they were just warming me up. I open up another email and there it is --

Mandatory Saturday overtime. Two days, one in late September, one in early October.

A little ray of sunshine -- they didn't schedule it during our vacation.

So, you know. The hits just keep on comin'.

I've figured this shit out, though. It's Chris Simms' fault.

See, if that cocksucker Simms had led my boys the Bucs to the victory that was rightfully theirs over the christly Bawmore Ravens on Sunday, none of this would have happened. I know it's true. SuperFiancee wouldn't have gotten sick. I'd have shown up for work as usual on Monday and all would have been well. We wouldn't be moving our cubicles and we especially wouldn't have any for the love of sweet baby jesus MANDATORY OVERTIME scheduled for motherfucking SATURDAY.

Still, SuperFiancee got her doc to phone over a scrip for some serious meds yesterday, and she says she's feeling much much better today. I can only hope. And y'all should, too, because I know all of you who read this blog are big SuperFiancee fans, too. So send all the positive energy you can her way. I need her, you need her, the kids need her. Let's get her back on her feet.

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