Crystal is in the house

SuperGirlfriend and I stopped by The Great Escape last night on the way home from my job so I could pick up a particular Unique for Super Dependable Teen, since she didn't get it in her Hypertime case. The fig was, as I'd hoped, still in their Uniques tray, so I snatched it up, and on poking through the jumbled sculpts and dials a bit further, I was delighted to find a Crystal from Armor Wars, as well. She was relatively cheap (might as well be, she'll sleep with anyone, the red haired Inhuman hussy) so I added her to the tab.

I was especially delighted to learn (as one won't, if one simply looks at the WizKids pic of the fig on their site) that Crystal is actually on a flight stand, meaning she's a slightly better bargain for her 62 points than I'd thought she'd be. (She's a must have fig for me simply due to her place in Silver and Modern Age continuity; the fact that she's slightly more useful than I thought she'd be is just gravy.)

Meanwhile, in other loose ends:

Over at HC Realms I've received my first warning, for being overly negative and 'flame baiting', which apparently means, telling a bunch of Modern Age fan geek slackers that they're a bunch of Modern Age fan geek slackers, and their favorite characters all suck, too. I will, doubtless, receive several more warnings in short order and end up banned off the threads there fairly soon, which will mean that if I want to keep posting there, I'll have to spend 90 seconds or so creating a new log on ID. Woe is me.

I've also been finding new things to exasperate me at work. Here are two:

People who insist on explaining to me what phone number they are giving me, when I ask them for a day time phone number at the end of every call. This is just aggravating. Folks -- I don't care. It doesn't matter one good goddam to me if you're giving me your cell phone number, or your office number, or your home number, or if we'll only be able to reach you at this number for the rest of this week and then you'll be at work again, or whatever. It's just a field they make me fill in when I document calls. No one from my job is ever going to call you. You could make up 10 random digits and I wouldn't know, and half the time I don't listen anyway and end up punching in 10 random digits just to placate any pain in the ass in management who might check to see if I'm docc'ing calls. Okay?

People who repeat back information to me, after I repeat it back to them to see if I got it right. This seems to be the latest trend, especially with Social Security numbers. I ask for it, they give it to me, I repeat it back to make sure it's right, and instead of saying "Yes, that's it" or something like that, they then repeat it back to me AGAIN. This is annoying. Stop it.

Even more annoying are the people who say "No, it's --" and then repeat back exactly the Social Security number I just punched in and repeated back to them. CUT IT OUT. I swear to God, I'll just drop the call, and you can wend your way through the frickin' queue again.

Yesterday, a couple of packages rolled into SuperGirlfriend's office that were meant to be Christmas presents for me. One is a science fiction/fantasy anthology I'll happily tear into when I've finished off the stuff currently in my in pile. The other, I was delighted to find upon opening it, was A TASTE FOR DEATH... alas, not the Peter O'Donnell Modesty Blaise novel, the very last one in the series that I do not own a copy of, which SuperGirlfriend had very thoughtfully ordered for me, but instead, some P.D. James thing by the same name.

Still, it was a typically considerate and loving gesture on SuperGirlfriend's part to note which of my many books I was still assiduously yearning for and make an effort to acquire for me. Once again -- Luckiest Man In The Universe, right here.

Even if, you know, I'm about to get thrown off HC Realms for actually liking good characters.

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