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Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Christmas post


Discover Your Sins - Click Here

Apparently, I'm a very nearly equal opportunity sinner. Not so SuperGirlfriend, whose little sin-bars were all miniscule nubs... except for Lust, which put a nice sized dent in the right side of our computer screen.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Luckiest. Guy. In. The. UNIVERSE.

On other stuff...

We saw KING KONG today. It's a spectacular movie, but I wouldn't say it's a good one. Peter Jackson clearly has enough pull now to be able to cut a movie any way he wants, since pretty much the entire first hour of the film serves no real purpose and could (and should) have been left on the editing room floor. Once the cast gets to Skull Island the action picks up a great deal, though, and the rest of the film is a real thrill ride. Still, I watch movies for the characterization, not the astonishing CGI, and I doubt this flick will look anywhere near as good on the small screen, so I doubt I'll grab it on DVD.

Detailing the clix cases that the two older SuperKids got (although only Mike Norton will care, and he won't care much) -- the Hypertime case was disappointing, the Indy case was anything but. Around this house we're nearly all Hellboy fans, largely based on the movie; and I'd had high hopes, when I bought these cases, that each would yield up something that the girls would prize highly: the Golden Age Flash Unique, and the Hellboy Unique. Well, the Indy case held TWO Hellboy Uniques, which worked out well, since it meant that both Super Drama Teen and Super Dependable Teen could have one (and it also yielded up a Veteran Hellboy, which SuperDrama Teen gifted me with, to replace the one I'd traded to Super Dependable Teen last summer for her Norman Osborne LE). In addition, it contained a Judge Death, which pleased Super Drama Teen no end. She also pulled Hecate, Siamese, Samadahl Rey, Witchblade... and something else I can't remember right now.

The HyperTime, on the other hand, was a relative bust, putting out no less than two Parasites (one without a head), as well as a black suited Superman, a Commissioner Gordon, a Darkseid, a Unique Joker, a Key, and a Green Gloved Batman.

With very characteristic generosity, both SuperTeens made impromptu gifts to me from their cases; I got Commissioner Gordon from Super Dependable Teen, and a slew of Veteran Indy pieces I hadn't already had from SuperDrama Teen.

Other than KING KONG, much of today was burned off with sleeping in, [sex scene deleted], and doing laundry. Oddly (or at least, the love of my life thinks it's odd), I more or less enjoy doing laundry with SuperGirlfriend; I like doing little domestic chores with her. It makes me feel very... settled. I like that feeling.

In sad news, apparently John O'Connor didn't listen to John Bigboote (put in your own accent mark, I can't get my keyboard to do it) when he warned him it might be boobytrapped. Or something like that, as Vincent Schiavelli, who shone like an unstable isotope of gold even amidst the constellation of fine character actors bejeweling The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension, has passed away, leaving the world a significantly poorer place in his absence.

I'd be remiss not to give the man his props, given the derivation of this blog's title. Hell, he actually made Ghost bearable, for the all too brief moments he was on screen in it.

And now, to finish watching It's A Wonderful Life... and then, most likely, to sleep, and awaken once more at the start of another work week... although, as a lingering Christmas gift from the gods, it's a short work week, terminating in another three day weekend, which can't be a bad thing.

Once again, Happy Holidays to everyone, while they're still with us.


At 10:04 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

I took the test and saved the code, but I don't know yet if I'll bother to make a post of it. I only scored higher than you on Envy, where I pulled a High. I, too, had a Medium and a High, respectively, for Greed and Sloth. My Lust (especially) and Pride were each Very Low, the Lust barely showing a silver of blue.

Kong is loosely on our schedule during this holiday break. With the movie clocking in at 3 hours I'd hoped that despite the extra time Jackson would still follow the original in terms of not spending a great deal of time with the lead-in. I'll likely see for myself before long, though this is definitely a movie I'm going to see almost entirely for the spectacle.

I know mileage definitely varies, as I enjoyed all three of the Lord of the Rings movies, (aside from bladder distress during the final fifth of each) whereas Tolkien's original works were fabulous sleeping pills that I moved through eventually but which managed to put me out for the count more times than I can recall along the way.

Cases of Hypertime and Indy -- yeah, I admit there are times in recent months when I've considered picking another one up due to a mix of reduced prices and just wanting to tear into another case. The HT uniques, yeah, that would be a disappointment. I believe I opened three cases of HT eventually, and the first two were disappointments in many respects. Parasite's as effective with the head as without, but it is rather rubbing one's nose in it, though. The Indy case sounds fairly good, though. Coincidentally, I'm signed up to go to a venue event this week where they'll give us three Indy boosters to use in a sealed match, and I find myself unsure of (aside from immediate playability) which if any pieces from it I'd still be looking for. Maybe they'll surprise us and they'll be UK version boosters.

When I had Schiavelli's photo up on my blog his role as the angry subway suicide spirit in Ghost was what came first to mind for her.

At 7:08 AM , Blogger Highlander said...

I've advised SuperDependable Teen to slap a Haymaker on Parasite to keep him on his best click. However, the only time I tried that out in actual practice, I rolled a 2, obviating the whole thing. Some figs are just cursed.

Tolkien's writing style is dry and academic, yes. There's an implicit irony in him founding the fantasy genre -- as fantasy is generally defined as being a genre of heroic fiction in which the world itself is so vividly portrayed as to become, in many ways, the main character of the story, it's a bit odd that Tolkien spends so much time bringing Middle Earth to life that he can find little effort to spare for the world's inhabitants. All the characters in Middle Earth are dusty cardboard props constantly mouthing stilted dialogue; it's only the backdrop that truly lives and breathes.

And, in all actuality, I'm no longer even sold on the idea that Tolkien invented the genre... Robert E. Howard put a great deal of effort into making his Hyborean backdrop as realistically detailed as possible, too. And in fact, the sword & sorcery fantasy sub-genre seems to me to be about equal parts CONAN and LOTR.

Personally, I'd rather watch the film version of FELLOWSHIP than reread it, but I'd much rather read the next two installments. What I'm waiting on is a Jackson version of THE HOBBIT.

If I had the capacity to go in and edit posts, I'd almost certainly change your terminal word to 'him', since I imagine it must be a mistake. But all I could do is delete it... well, I could copy it first, edit the copy, and repost it, but then there wouldn't be a link back to your profile and blog, which would make me sad. But if you'd like me to pull the post so you can redo it, let me know.

At 1:39 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

Just swinging back by here, realizing I was more tired or distracted than I'd thought. The problem with that final paragraph isn't the "him," it's that I completely neglected to mention that was the first association my wife made when she saw the photo. I'm not going to worry about it.

At 1:40 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

...or the "her."

Apparently no amount of sleep will set me right. ;)

At 1:51 AM , Anonymous Nate said...

*SIGH*, there goes one fine character actor. The quintessential 'weird guy', has crossed over into the 8th dimension for good.

Who's laughing now, Monkey Boy?


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