Sunday, December 18, 2005

Take a month of Sundays to try and explain

Well, yesterday would have been perfect if not for the godawful unconscionable asswhipping the Patriots ladled out to my Bucs.

Here's what no one in all the rehashing is talking about --

That field was obviously frozen solid. Playing on it was like playing on a skating rink. Everybody was falling on their ass.

However, the Bucs were falling on their asses about four times as often as the Patriots. The Bucs' front line was letting Patriots pass rushers get in to Simms unblocked. Cadillac Williams was getting nowhere. Joey Galloway wasn't hitting his routes correctly. The Bucs defenders were dropping what should have been certain interceptions.

The Patriots, on the other hand, were playing better than they've played so far this season, and, well... I'm wondering...

Could any of this have to do with the fact that the Patsies got to practice on a frozen field all week long, while the Bucs had to come in... er... cold?

Look, even if the game had been played in the Bucs' home stadium, it's possible the Patsies might have won. They played well, and I'm not trying to take that away from them. But the Bucs looked like stumbling idiots out there, and they aren't, by any stretch of the imagination... not this season, anyway. I have to think, had the game been played on a field where both teams had equal footing, the Bucs would have done much, much better.

It doesn't matter now, of course... the NFL doesn't give you do-overs because your opponent really REALLY took advantage of the home field. And odds are, we'll still win our last two games... and if either Atlanta or Dallas manages to beat the Panthers, we can still go in as winners of our division too. Beyond that, I suspect the Patriots are going at some point run head on into the Colts, and since the Colts will be playing in a dome, they should hand Tom Brady's pretty boys their pretty asses with little difficulty.

Okay, leaving football aside...

I think we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in reference to Christmas. There are still a few things on the To Do list, but for the most part, everything is wrapped and under the tree, stocking stuffers are at the ready, and we're pretty much set. SuperGirlfriend provides gifts and Christmas dinner to a needy family every year (they write what are called 'Santa letters', and she picks one out at the post office) and that's all in hand, as well -- we should be taking stuff over to this year's family Friday night. Then we get the SuperKids back Christmas Eve, go over to SuperGirlfriend's parents to open presents there that night, then back here for Christmas Day. It should be wonderful.

Bane, it turns out, isn't dead after all, and in fact, he stopped by yesterday for a few hours, and watched the Bucs get destroyed with us. Unfortunately, for the past three weeks or so he's been flat on his back and he played HeroClix a great deal during that period, so he didn't want to play with me... which was sad, since there are only about four people in the world who play clix by my House Rules, and I hate missing an opportunity to play with one. Still, it was nice to hang out with him for a while. He may be back on New Year's Eve. He's not working where I work any more, so we'll have to work at it if we're going to continue to hang out.

I've been trying to avoid ridiculing what I see on other blogs lately, since it generally strikes me as a sad way to act, and beyond that, I don't like giving the loathely of the world any extra attention. However, I just have to ask: is this chick a mind controlled dupe of the far right... or, on the other hand, is she simply the world's shapeliest retard?

Honestly, I simply cannot comprehend the level of brain damage it would take to type up something like 'The dhimmicrats voted down the only real protection a girl has. THE PATRIOT ACT IS DEAD! Man your battle stations!' In fact, if that opinion was the result of brain damage or mental retardation, either condition would have to be so profound as to preclude the hand/eye coordination necessary to type and post to a blog... so I guess she's mind controlled after all.

And... oh jesus, still scrolling down... she's a mom with two daughters. Ah, well... the next generation of Clinton haters is well launched, and John Derbyshire will know who to call for a date for the next decade and a half.

Moving from a female blogger I can't stand to one whose work I always enjoy (not least of which when she's posting on my blog), I wanted to note that Ragnell delighted me with the following quote from her December 13 entry:

And finally, I don't want to say the following because a) I'm mad the spin-off is late this week, b) I'm mad the spin-off wasn't solicited for March, and c) there is a disturbing lack of opportunity to see Kyle Rayner's butt in March.

However, Green Lantern #10 was still the most interesting preview this week. Simone Bianchi draws a wonderful Hal Jordan. (I prefer him to Alex Ross as a cover artist). The beautiful pencils of Ivan Reis! The plot thread that kept me buying the book after issue #3! Sinestro!

Now, it's not that she's actually saying something nice about Hal Jordan, which is rare for her (and in fact, she's not, she's saying something nice about an artist who draws Hal Jordan, but I say good business is where you find it), and it certainly isn't that she's saying something nice about Kyle Rayner's ass... except, of course, that it is, because I just find it delightful whenever I stumble across a female comics fan behaving in a fashion that we male comics fans tend to get screamed at a lot for by female comics fans, which is to say, admiring the unrealistically exaggerated anatomical features of a favorite super-icon.

It's always nice to see one of my female spiritual brethren admitting to actually having a libido.

And kind of on that subject, someone over at HC Realms mentioned something in a chat thread I found a bit strange -- apparently Gail Simone, the rather talented writer of the excellent Villains United series, refused to use Dr. Light at all in the series because... get this... 'the character is now a rapist'.

Gail won't write about rapists, see.

I guess it's a feminist thing, or something.

Look, I'm a Silver Age fan, so, emotionally, I'm on board with her. To paraphrase Cyrus, one time leader of the Riffs -- back in the Silver Age nobody was raping nobody. In fact, people rarely killed each other, either. This is one of the many many reasons I prefer the Silver Age, in general, to the grim n' gritty, grisly, gruesome, and gory Modern Age. But Simone's stance troubles me nonetheless, because, well, it seems a trifle hypocritical to me. Why? Well, because Villains United features, among other things, graphically depicted scenes of cold blooded murder (issue 1, Deadshot puts a bullet through the original Fiddler's head), torture (issues 2 and 3), disfigurement and cannibalism (Scandal bites off Fatality's ear and eats it towards the end of issue 3), disembowelment and one of the more disturbing sex scenes ever depicted in mainstream comics (issue 4), and, anyway... yeah, Dr. Light is apparently a rapist, now. Apparently, he raped Sue Dibny, and because a male fictional character committed a fictional sexual assault against a female fictional character, a real female comics author will not include that male fictional character in her stories.

But, you know, she'll write about psychotic serial killers with guns mounted on their wrists, people being graphically tortured, women who bite body parts off different women and eat them, and women who seduce their teammates for the sole purpose of getting pregnant because they want to raise their kid to be as twisted as they are.

I don't know. Rape is a very very bad thing, yes... but, still... I'm thinking that if this is true (and I don't know if it is) Gail Simone badly needs a lesson in perspective.

And, hey, I picked up Angel Season 5 while we were out running errands tonight, and would like to check out one or two eps of that before bed tonight, so I shall post this and head for the DVD player.

Happy Monday to everyone. Except, you know, the crazy chick at Atlas Shrugged.

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