They say this is Christmas

Christmas Eve, anyway, and so far, Santa (or someone) has delivered all kinds of goodies to me, such as:

The Bucs, after taking ten years off my life, finally managing to beat the miserable Falcons with 12 seconds left in OT

The Bills managing to beat the Bengals. It doesn't do anything much for the Bills, who have played one of their worst seasons ever, but at least it's a win

And, finally, the Panthers got upset by the Dallas Cowboys, meaning they fall to 2nd in the NFC South, right behind, yes, the Bucs.

Now, if the Bucs can win their last game (against the Saints, which should be as close to a near thing as you get in the NFL), they go into the play offs as the division champion, and, depending on how the Giants and Chicago do over the next two games, maybe even as the NFC's second seed, although that's unlikely.

SuperKids are due in half an hour or so, after which it's off to the sorta in-laws for Christmas Eve, then back here to pack the chilluns off to bed and then play Santa once they are at least pretending to snore.

Tomorrow: presents!

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