Thursday, July 12, 2018


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, textThis isn't true at all.

The right wing idea of utopia is much more nuanced than this.

The poor miserable white fucks who support Trump, most of whom are elderly and infirm from a lifetime of working in low level dead end jobs while living really in really unhealthy ways, want to live in a world where everyone 'respects their years!' and they don't have to do shit. They'll settle for a comfortable trailer with all necessary amenities and a modest regular government draw check 'because they've earned it!'

The 'middle class' that supports Trump are small business owners. They want no regulations, plenty of 'small business incentives' (enough to complete offset whatever modest tax burdens their businesses would otherwise be expected to shoulder) and they especially want to be able to hire and fire anybody at any time for any reason. They want free or cheap background checking on applicants, free or cheap drug testing on same, they don't want to have to meet burdensome safety standards in their workplaces, they don't want a minimum wage, they don't want there to be any mandatory benefits they have to provide, they want a court system that simply throws out harassment and discrimination complaints. They want a free hand to make their business as profitable as they can, because "that's what we need to create jobs and make a decent living in today's America".

The wealthy upper class that supports Trump want all of the above, plus, they want tort reform that will keep poor people from ever having any standing to sue them for any reason, and criminal justice reform that will allow any crime to be punishable by fines in lieu of jailtime. They don't care how high the fines are. They don't want any kind of social safety net, they don't want what minimal taxes they pay to provide any kind of social services, they want the poor working slave class to be completely dependent on their largesse.

The poor who support Trump want to live in a world where no matter how far down the ladder they are, there is always somebody else -- a non white, usually -- that they can lord it over. They don't want non whites dead, they want them forced into socially and economically subservient positions forever. No matter how shitty a poor white's job is, they want to know that there are shittier jobs out there that the blacks and Mexicans have to do, for less money than the white guy makes.

The non poor want to live in that world, too, but they also want the less privileged and affluent classes, regardless of race, to have to defer and grovel to them and to have no recourse but starvation or being lynched.

The 'working class doing sixty hour work weeks in backbreaking jobs they hate' thing is a realistic portrayal of what will happen if the business owners get their way. But nobody really wants non whites dead. They just want them crushed back into subservience.