And then, depression set in

Howard Kunstler gives us our usual Monday dose of doom and gloom. I believe he's probably right; it's just, like everyone else, I'm in total denial about it. Life without electricity? Put the bullet here, please.

The cobags over at Sadly, No! have pretty much justified everything the right likes to say about incivility on the left with the entry I've linked to. Sometimes crazy ass stuff like this is funny, but going after a fellow blogger because he's making a plea for civility strikes me as... well... pretty fucking insane. Or perhaps it's just, you know, sophomoric. A lot of the more sophomoric blogs are pretty popular, and even fun to read, but occasionally, they all just make me wince, and at the moment, this particular entry at Sadly, No! is my John Wincy Adams.

Why are the Iraqis so pissed off at us? Well, it's not the fact that we invaded their country for specious reasons, destroyed its industrial infrastructure, killed and maimed about 100,000 of the people living there, and illegally tortured a few hundred more. No, according to this link sent to me by the ever astute SuperGirlfriend, it's also because we're spending several hundred million dollars building an embassy that can be seen from space in the middle of what's left of downtown Baghdad, while all the people who actually live there are getting along on two hours of electricity a day. Which is okay, because, you know, they're residents of a global region that contains some of the richest crude oil deposits in the world, and they're still waiting in line all day to get fuel for their cars. Given that, who needs electricity at home or the office?

Over at the Poor Man, the often obnoxious Sifu Tweety clearly means to mock CNN's news coverage of an Australian mine rescue, but mostly sounds to me like he's making fun of the trapped miners.

Must be a slow day. No developments with gay hookers, no new indictments from Patrick Fitzgerald. Whatever is a leftie blogger to get incensed about?

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