Travis McGeek and the Anonymous Troll Caper

So, that fine fellow Anonymous has showed his ugly (if faceless) mug over in SuperGirlfriend's comment threads. He is, as we all know, ubiquitous, and in my experience, he's often rather a chump. This particular incarnation of Anonymous does nothing in his rather short, sneering comment to disabuse me of any of those notions.

Trolls are pointless, worthless, and useless specimens of sub-humanity, especially those who can't even trouble themselves to make up a decent nom de cyber, as it were. There's little to gain in expending any time and effort over them, as it's the attention of their betters (nearly all of us) that they crave, but while I'm type-type-typing along, let me note a few common denominators I've discovered amongst nearly all the trolls I've had experience with --

(a) For the most part, they are powerless, incompetent, inept little dweebs.

(b) They are generally extremely cowardly.

(c) They tend to be most dismissive of arguments and discussions that they do not have the intellectual faculties to truly comprehend.

(d) They tend to have very small attention spans.

(e) They tend to be hypocrites.

(f) In real life, I must assume, they tend to have teeny tiny pee-pees.

That's all I know about trolls. But, to date, I've rarely seen an Anonymous comment that has given me any reason to doubt any of these assertions.

Certainly not lately.

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