Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The truth is out there

I just recently discovered a blog called Rigorous Intuition. It's the kind of blog the Late Great Jeff Webb would have kept if he'd survived into the blogging era. It's scary as hell, and by that, I mean, everything on this blog is absolutely terrifying in all its implications.

It's also beautifully written, by someone who is clearly very intelligent and almost obsessively widely read on subjects the mainstream media largely ignores, mostly because the rest of us are happy to do the same.

Any of you who go there will be strongly tempted, after reading maybe one or two entries, to shudder, shake your heads, say "Heh, Highlander's found another woo-woo site", and go on with your daily lives.

But the stuff haunts me.

Try these --

Did some people know 9/11 was going to happen before it happened? Survey says 'yes'.

Think you saw planes hit the WTC on live TV on September 11, 2006? Maybe you did. But maybe that's not what brought it down.

And then there's the stuff we really don't like to think about.

I don't even know what to call this one. Except that it makes me feel physically nauseous. And if any of it's true, it makes me ashamed to be a human being.

This is just a random, and very minor, sampling of the material on Rigorous Intutition... all of it chock full of links to actual news stories none of you have ever heard of, because, well, none of us particularly want to hear of any of it. And to blogs by people we deeply hope are nuts, because if they're not, then our world is not as we think it is, which is something we really don't want to hear. And to other, even weirder crap... all of it out there on the Internet, just waiting for someone to come across. Which most of us by no means want to do.

I'll be blogging about some of this stuff in the near future, but there's no reason to watch the shadows I'll be casting when you can just head straight into the light... if you've a mind to.

I also just started Howard Kunstler's The Long Emergency, and I'm sure I'll be blogging about that soon, too.

"Most people occasionally stumble over the truth, but pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing had ever happened."
-- Winston Churchill

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self-evident."
--Arthur Schopenhauer


  1. Ya know, we laugh (some of us) when he about this stuff. But we laugh nervously.

    Me, I've had enough. I'm installing that tinfoil lining in my ballcap. What the hell, it can't hurt anything, right?

  2. Just had the opportunity to read through the links, and I almost wish I'd continued on with my busy little schedule.

    I really especially like the two quotes you included. Both very apt, and entirely too difficult to dispute.


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