Snikker snak

That's how my vorpal sword goes.

Or, it's a candy bar. One of them.

I'm not sure I even have a vorpal sword, actually.

So, I may not have my current job too much longer. See, it turns out, I gave a participant some bad information Thursday. This infuriated her and she began to verbally abuse me. And then, somehow or other, the call got dropped. Now, SHE claims I hung up on her. I, of course, have denied that. At length. To my supervisors. Whom this bitch called back and complained to.

So, they're going to pull the call, and 'research' how the call got terminated. I have no idea what that 'research' will turn up. I don't know how they have the phone system set up, or what kind of data they can pull. But I suspect that, yeah, if they put their minds to it, they can determine which end of the call was disconnected first. But, on the other hand, we get a lot of calls that just drop in the middle, usually when people are on cell phones, I guess... I don't know what causes that. Or if they can tell the difference between a call being dropped, and the connection being terminated at one end or the other.

Still, it's undeniable I gave her bad information. I didn't mean to. I'd swear I looked it up in the system. But, see, I told her that her close out date was March 31, and she was past the 45 day grace period, so if she wanted us to process a claim for 2005, she'd have to write an appeal letter. Turns out, her close out date is, I don't know, May 31 or June 30 or something. So the whole thing started when I apparently didn't verify the info. And that's a big bad. So however the dropped call thing turns out, I still have that to deal with. And it's not like this will be my first run in with the authorities at my current job... I've been set down and lectured for getting too many customer complaints many times. So it seems to me that it's very likely that this will be the last straw, however it goes.

I don't know. Not to try and make excuses, but just to clarify context -- yesterday was a horrible day at the job. Not just for me, but, apparently, for everyone on the phones. I'd gotten two calls prior to the one I'm discussing from people who actually were past their close out date, and who had let the grace period to fix their claims go by, and who weren't going to get their 2005 money back without writing an appeal letter, and both of them had roundly cursed me out (one of them advised me that "you guys are fucking thieves, man"). So, you know, when this woman started in on me, well, I was already stressed. Which led to me assuming, I guess, that when she started right in complaining about being past her close out date, she knew what she was talking about.

Anyway. SuperGirlfriend and I have agreed that I shouldn't worry about it this weekend, and I think that's a good plan, and having vented it out onto this page, I'm hoping that will help me not to. But I can pretty clearly recall how tough it was to find a job, any kind of job, in River City, so...

On the other hand, honestly, if it turns out that this job and I part ways, well, there's an upside to that, too. Never having to hear another participant tell me "Well, it's my money" will certainly be a positive thing in my life.

Right now, SuperAdorable Kid is up, and badgering me to show her how to play Clue Jr. And once her sisters get up, the day is going to get pretty full pretty quick. I have a few errands of my own to run, and then we have to register kids at their new schools, and make a bank run, and do some grocery shopping. So I kind of wanted to get a new blog post up...

...okay, SuperAdorable Kid wants a snack, and there are ominous rustling noises coming from the kitchen, which she repaired to seconds ago. I'd better check it out. Sorry for the enormously boring blog post.


Okay, she turned Little Einsteins back on, after I got her a slice of turkey, so I guess I have a little more time.

Got my last box of comics from Steve Tice the other day. It was mostly crap, which is why I generally don't like to subscribe to comics through a shop or a dealer... you can tell them until you're blue in the face "I only want the Geoff Johns Flash and JSA issues", and they nod and smile, but they don't care, and you end up paying for horseshit written by Joey Cavalieri and Paul Levitz, and it's very, very depressing.

Also, I now have extra issues of Infinite Crisis, but I suppose that's my fault for buying them here and not waiting six months for my last box from Steve Tice to get here.

I did, at least, get a few new issues of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps and Teen Titans. Unfortunately, the Titans stuff is all Infinite Crisis crossovers, which seems to mean, it has very little actual plot in it. But, you know, at least I got to see that rotter Conner get laid before he died. Which suggests an entire blog entry regarding how much more annoyed Modern Age adolescent fans would be with Geoff Johns if he'd let Conner Kent die a virgin... but I guess I'll pass.

I gather Marv Wolfman's stock is rising again at DC, due to Infinite Crisis, which is certainly a grim consequence of that title's commercial success if ever there was one. On the other hand, it may well mean I no longer have to buy Teen Titans, which would be cool.

I've been posting a lot to the WizKids boards lately, and have managed to find a few new players willing to give my House Rules a chance, which is nice. Of course, all the usual haters have come scurrying out from the soft places underneath the various logs and rocks where they habitually dwell, too... you know the type... the vapid mainstream toadies and sycophants, to whom anything different is automatically bad, and who will say so, at great and tedious length, usually while snickering and rolling their eyes.

But, you know, they're idiots, so I try very hard to ignore them. And occasionally, I even succeed.

Okay. Today I need to walk over to the post office for SuperGirlfriend, call the Town Clerk in the city where I was born to try and get another copy of my birth certificate (I keep losing them, damn me), and then call work to get my schedule for next week, as it wasn't posted yesterday. Maybe, as an added bonus, I'll find out I have no schedule for next week, because, you know, I'm not working there any more. Which would be bad, but, as with so much else in life, would also be good. Or, I suppose you could say, it would be good, but, it would also be bad.

I'll tell you something for nothing, though -- if I go in next week and they sit me down and say "Okay, we have to let you go because of this thing that happened" -- I won't even argue with them. I'll just grab my shit and git. And while I will, of course, be very worried about the economic impact of a two income household suddenly becoming a one income household, I cannot lie -- the sense of elation I will feel, the impulse of joy, the overwhelming sensation of my spirit rising up and shedding the oppressive weight that has been that crappy job for the last eight months -- ah. That will sing in my blood like a heavenly choir, my friends, I tell you this in truth.

For maybe ten seconds.

And then the real world will come crashing in again, as I trudge over to the bus stop and begin the long depressing journey back to where I'll have to break the news to SuperGirlfriend and the SuperKids. And the disappointment in their eyes will not be anything to relish. So it's not something I'm hoping for, believe me.

Hey, this is depressing. I've got a four day weekend! Let's just focus on that, for the moment.

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