Great day in the morning

So this morning, I let SuperGirlfriend sleep in for an extra 45 minutes or so, getting up at 5 to wake the older two SuperKids up. I get a lot of satisfaction from doing this, on the limited occasions she lets me. It seems that over the course of some 17 years of getting up early with the kids, this was always SuperGirlfriend's job; her ex husband never did it, and even on occasions when she would beseech him to do it to help her out a little, he resolutely refused. So I like to spoil her a little, when I can.

This morning, it all went spectacularly south the instant Super Adorable Kid was woken up. SuperGirlfriend, naturally, blames the fact that she slept in, and 'didn't have enough time' to take care of the various things that need to be taken care of every morning around here... packing my lunch and packing Super Adorable Kid's lunch, primarly. It meant that we had to rush Super Adorable Kid through her morning routine, which is always tricky... Super Adorable Kid is not a morning person, and can be easily set off by nearly anything, leading to tears and whining and shrieks and "I can't, I can't" until, honestly, you just want to set the building on fire.

So, now, I'm going to have a very hard time getting SuperGirlfriend to sleep in in the morning, which aggravates me, because this is my fault, not hers. I should have packed a lunch for me and for Super Adorable Kid, but I forgot to; we've been having problems with the Internet connection lately, which is a major cataclysm in this household (we're all going to go through BAD tech withdrawal in a few more years when the infrastructure crashes), so I spent most of my free time this morning trying to get that fixed (something I finally seem to have succeeded in).

It's all just extremely exasperating. And it's not SuperGirlfriend's fault at all. She's just spent most of her adult life being the only really responsible person in her household, so she by default regards any failings as being due to some lack in herself. She has a hard time regarding me as a full partner, because she's never had one before. And I don't help when I slack off on stuff I should be taking care of for her.

Have to do better with that, in the future. If she ever lets me get up early with the kids so she can sleep in again.

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