Hey! Your shoes are untied!

This ages old ruse will no longer work on six year old Super Adorable Kid. Why? Because she successfully tied her own sneakers for the first time this morning.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a dope. At least, I'm grinning like one right now.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

Addendum: As I've been prompted by my first commenter/love of my life, here's the conversation I had with Super Adorable Kid in the car on the way home from work last night:

See, Super Adorable Kid doesn't do 'sit still' well. She squirms around, and somehow manages to contort herself into positions you wouldn't think possible for a humanoid body with a seat belt on. This drives everyone else in the car crazy, because the end result of her squirming is often that her foot or her knee or her elbow or her clavicle will end up in the most unlikely and annoying places, like, the back of the driver's neck, or under someone else's ass. So we repeatedly abjure her to sit up and hold still, not least of which because, if there was an accident, her chances of surviving it intact would be greatly increased if, in fact, at the moment the car struck another object at high velocity, Super Adorable Kid's foot wasn't shoved through the two metal columns holding up the driver's headrest on top of the driver's seat.

Last night we were having even harder slogging than we usually do with getting her to hold still, because Super Adorable Kid had had a trip to the neighborhood candy shop earlier that day and she was totally sugared up. So I asked her if I could have the baby doll she was rather enthusiastically playing with in the back, which was greatly enabling her perpetual motion. She thought about it, then nodded happily and gave it to me. So I perched it on my lap and we continued on our merry way.

This did calm Super Adorable Kid down for a few minutes, but, well, then she started squirming around again. So, to distract her, I picked up the baby doll, and using a high squeaky voice, said "I am the Invincible Baby Doll! I command you to hold still!"

This seemed to rather bemuse Super Adorable Kid, as for a moment, there was utter stillness in the car. Then she shot back, pert as you please, "You're not either! I can see you!"

Now, of course, Super Girlfriend and Super Dependable Teen, who are also in the car, are cracking up. But Invincible Baby Doll was not thrown off in the slightest. "Not inVISible," she squeaked haughtily, "inVINCible. Totally different things."

Super Adorable Kid thought this over for a second. Then: "Okay. Then what can you turn into?"

I admit, I have no idea what she meant by THAT. But, you know... that's typical, when you're dealing with Super Adorable Kid.

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