New Dawn (with or without Tony Orlando)

So, first there's this. And then, there's this.

All of which leads me to hand a little slip of paper to the kj, step up to the microphone, and as most of the patrons in the karioke bar continue to stare sullenly into their nearly empty plastic pitchers while sparing me at best the vestigial, beer-battered remnants of their concentration, I begin to sing (to the tune of Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree, natch, that's where I got the post title from) --

I wake up feeling cautious joy
for it seems Fitzgerald finally will deploy
his major blue-backed weapons where we want them most
could it be that creeps Cheney and Rove are finally toast?
they're giving up the ghost,

Oh won't you hang a few indictments on Karl Rove's fat ass
add a few for Cheney, if that's not too crass
if they both wake tomorrow with a legal rash
Karl's weeping and stunned, Dick goes for his gun
while Dubya's ratings crash
if you'll only hang a few indictments on the VP's ass

Now this week can't come soon enough
I have to know if Patrick's getting tough
oh sure, he gave us Libby, but to me that's a lot of fluff
I need to see ol' Dick Cheney and Karl Rove wearing cuffs
Oh baby, that's the stuff!

Oh won't you hang a few indictment's on ol' Dick's big butt
sign a few for Karl while you're gearing up
with both of them asserting that they don't know what
this whole thing's about, they think that they'll pout
while 'pop!' go the wing nuts
when you hang a few indictments on these goons' enormous butts

Now the whole damn left is yearning
cuz we really want to see
The VP and Turdblossom resigning on live TV

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