Bane bulletin

As SuperGirlfriend alluded to in the comments threads of I've got your number on the wall, down below, I got hold of Bane's mother briefly at work today. Bane was, at that moment, getting ready to head off to the doctor's and couldn't get to the phone.

According to Bane's mother, they never answer the phone if they don't recognize the name in the caller ID box. This would be fine if they had voicemail or an answering machine, but as they don't, I'm thinking their system lacks vision. Or something.

Bane's a pretty sharp guy; I'm coming to be of the opinion that his intelligence is the result of a mutation.

Anyway, apparently the big lug was okay this afternoon. I'll try and call him again tomorrow and see what happened with the doc today.

I hope he gets his ass back to work soon. Nobody else there appreciates the HeroClix I have on top of my monitor.

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