Moving Day

Sometime just before 8 pm EST on Thursday, October 9, 2005, my new Angelfire blog at, seems to have vanished into the ether.

Angelfire briefly gave me a similar hiccup a few weeks back, and then everything miraculously reappeared. However, as of this posting, the contents of that blog are still missing. Fortunately, I could still get into the Blog Builder page and so I have laboriously, over the past two hours, copied and pasted everything from THAT blog to THIS blog.

Why this has happened is a mystery to me. I suppose I could have been hacked... I recently got some email from a guy who had been harassing me on a previous blog, which I ignored, and then obliquely commented on in a recent entry, and maybe he got busy with his html coder, or something. Or perhaps the entry just before this one, which links to a page created by an avowed Satanist, triggered some kind of evil protective cantrip.

Or maybe Angelfire just sucks.

I don't know. I guess we'll try this for a while and see how it goes. Hopefully I won't forget my log on or password...

I think I'll just blog quietly for a while over here, and give the Angelfire blog a chance to come back up.

Apparently, my conservative email heckler found the new Angelfire blog through a link on one of my fellow blogger's pages (in the very little I read of his first email, he was gloating about his masterful triumph in locating me again, and chiding me for saying I wasn't going to be blogging any more and then doing it at a different URL... I mean, jesus fuck, this guy is purportedly a successful mature adult with a family and apparently he has nothing better to do than ransack the Internet for me and then gloat when he finds me again... can you say 'loser'? Sure, I knew you could...) Given that, I'll hold off on letting anyone except SuperGirlfriend know about this URL. And, to anyone who finds having to type it all in aggravating, sorry... all the shorter versions were taken (probably by me during previous tries to set up a blog over here, but I can't remember any of my passwords).

Okay, into the work day.

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