Be afraid. Be very afraid.

9 November 2005 21:37 EST Posted by Highlander

Here's some scary shit from Digby's blog:
But that's not General Vallely's claim to fame. He is known for a paper he wrote with a military intelligence officer named Michael Aquino in the late 1980's called From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory. Aquino is also the founder of a Satanic cult called "The Temple of Set" which has had many run-ins with the law regarding satanic pedophile rings on military bases. I still kid you not. You can find a copy of this paper on the Temple web-site. He founded the cult in the mid-1970's more than a decade before he wrote this paper with our friend Vallely. I'm not big on guilt by association -- but really.
General Vellely is one of the cult of neocons that hangs out pretty much full time with Dick Cheney. If you check out the link digby posts, you'll find a site chock full of nutty neocon nonsense about nuking the enemy and mindwars and psy ops and all this other really freaky stuff... and if you scroll down, you'll find a lot of even more truly mind bogglingly terrifying stuff in regard to how this close associate of Vellely's, and of Cheney's, is a devoted Satanist who has founded his own temple of 'reformed Satanism' based on ancient Egyptian pagan theology.

Now, the last thing in the world I am is narrow minded about alternative religions, and from what I've read about this guy's Church of Set, they seem to take the fairly standard 'good Satanist' stance that the Christian God is actually the embodiment of all evil, while Satan is actually a friend of mankind who has just been maligned by God throughout history, because God essentially controls the press. And that may well be. But the fact remains, this guy is a deeply deeply whacked out occultist who is heavily into some truly deranged fringe philosophy, and apparently he's very influential with our current Administration.

Personally, when I see real world super scientific neocon nutjob stuff about nukes and psy ops juxtaposed on the same page with stuff about the Reformed Church of Satan, and realize that both sets of apparently wildly dichotomous beliefs are encompassed within the same skull, well... I get kind of freaked out. People who believe in the sorcerous abilities of Alistair Crowley, just for starters, should not exercise any influence over any real world government.

That may be narrow minded of me, but it's how I feel. Metaphysics is fun to b.s. about with open minded friends, but we don't need it in our highest government circles. Brrrrrr.

I have to wonder how the conservative base would react if someone told them that Cheney likes to hang out with Satanists...?

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