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Having done the very hard work of sleeping in this morning, taking a shower, and getting dressed, I've rolled up my sleeves to tackle some hard, sweaty blogging while SuperGirlfriend loafs idly out in the kitchen preparing a 12 pound bird and about eight other courses of Thanksgiving goodies. Christ, I spoil that woman.

A scattering of stuff, just from the microscopic section of the blogosphere I normally patrol:

Tom Tomorrow tells us Katrina isn't over by a long shot, despite the fact that the rest of the world seems to have shrugged its shoulders and moved on. Read it all. Remind yourself. Do what you can.

Billmon is one of the best liberal poli-bloggers we have, so it's very disappointing that he's been blogging lightly for the last month. Maybe he's depressed. God knows it's easy to get that way when you try and keep your finger on the American political pulse these days.

Alicublog is always worth checking out.

Bitch Ph.D. has a thread going discussing the best and worst movies of all time, and her lead off entry awards the title of Worst to Howard the Duck. I think she's nuts; the Duck movie is way better than most people give it credit for, or maybe I just think so because it was one of the Late Great Jeff Webb's favorite movies and it always reminds me of him. Whatever the case, you can join the debate over at her blog, if you like. I'm just trying not to get depressed by how many goddam comments she gets.

From Bitch Ph.d I also found this contest. You have to read a brief introduction, after which you can suggest names for an upcoming book studying the bureacracy underlying the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. I threw a few at him, but I doubt any of mine will win. He's offering a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card to the winner, although I'd be happy with a notation in his acknowledgements. Attention is everything, after all.

Bottle of Blog is, according to The Poor Man, the best blog nobody is reading. I think that's patently false, THIS blog is the best blog nobody is reading. But since nobody is reading it, I can hardly expect anyone to call it that.

Kung Fu Monkey is a blog I found recently and generally enjoy, although it's pretty clear that the blogger there, and his regular coterie of sycophants, don't enjoy my comments much, since I seem to be the equivalent of a large can of RAID in any thread I post to. I don't post there any more but I continue to check the place out, as not only can John Rogers write well, but he's an ongoing example to me of how I don't want to start behaving, if I should ever be lucky enough to manage to break into professional writing. Stuck up, self absorbed, whiney, defensive, unwilling to tolerate anything but the most abject toadying from all around me, gloating over my own successes while jeering at everyone who still has their nose pressed against the glass from the out side... I can see those seeds inside me, too, waiting to germinate the minute someone actually buys something I've written. I'd love to be a professional writer, I just hope I don't instantly turn into this big a load should it ever happen. Still, he's a funny and entertaining read.

Mike Norton's blog Miraclo Miles is always a fun and often enlightening read. He can't update it often enough for me, but that's just because I check for new stuff about eighty times a day.

Unqualified Offerings is always a good read, too, although I hate his color scheme. I found a link to a registry site for gamers there last night (you'll have to scroll down if you're looking for it) and will probably use it when SuperGirlfriend and I get seroius about recruiting some other grown ups to play in my RPG. Right now, with the holidays, that's definitely on the back burner, but we'll be looking at that more urgently when 2006 rolls around.

Tom Peyer is one of comic's best writers, and his blog Super Frankenstein is one of the gems of the Internet.

I try not to get depressed as I slip-slide around these various blogs. Wishing for more attention is always at least somewhat childish, if supremely human. Still, it would be nice to wake up one morning and find, like, 15 comments in a thread here from 15 different people. 72, on the other hand, would be a little much... that's TOO much attention. Can't keep up with that.

The secret of contentment is to be fine with what you have, and the secret of happiness is to somehow get SuperGirlfriend and the SuperKids to love you. So nobody's got it better than me... and I'm going to go help SuperGirlfriend in the kitchen and stop bitching.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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