Can't buy a thrill

2 November 2005 07:10 EST Posted by Highlander

This is going to be an odds n sods entry. Deal with it. I find it amusing that over at Boneyard's page on Collateral Damage, he has the new Clayface listed as 'confirmed' for the set. What's amusing about that is he has Clayface listed as '(Ultimate)'. Now, to the best of my knowledge, DC has no Ultimate characters, although recently they have begun ripping off Marvel's Ultimates line (a truly dreadful and appalling idea... well, both are; Marvel's Ultimates line, and the idea that anyone should rip the concept off) by putting out All Star versions of their characters. I guess this new Clayface is from one of the All Star Batman stories, although I'm proud to say it is very unlikely I would ever actually be in a position to state this in an authoritative fashion, because if you ever catch me with an All Star comic in my hands for longer than it takes me to ball it up and toss it in the nearest incinerator, you'd better check me for a pulse.

I also find it equally amusing and annoying when I see someone on the Internet spelling 'the' as 'teh'. I used to see this and think it was a typo (it's an easy one to make if you type quickly, as many of the up and coming generation does), but apparently it's morphed into some kind of deliberate textual slang for modern morons.

I find it annoying that the left shift key on this keyboard sticks about every third time you depress it, so I'm near constantly having to backspace out a line of inappropriate capitalization and then hit the left shift key again to unstick it.

I find it deeply entertaining to watch conservatives trying desperately to tell me that because only ONE member of the Shrub Administration has been indicted so far (on five charges that could, but will not under any circumstances, result in 30 years of jail time), this is a triumph for the Republican Party and a crushing defeat for liberals everywhere. I do wish Fitzgerald would get his thumb out and just paper the Oval Office with indictments, though. I think if he's going to issue indictments, he should just let the throttle stick wide open and indict every single Republican working in Washington for something, and get some paper on all those fucking conservative bloggers, too. Supporting the troops and cheerleading for the war from behind a nice safe comfy computer desk should be good for 90 days in prison or a mandatory tour of duty in Iraq, at the very least.

I find it depressing that I now miss Harriet Miers. I liked it when the righties were throwing grenades at each other over the nomination. I don't really know anything about this Alito guy, but when conservatives unite behind someone, I have to assume he's bad news.

I find it depressing that Halloween is over and we got no trick or treaters, especially since I went to a lot of trouble to get the night off from work so I'd be home for trick or treaters. Somehow, in my adult life, I have never managed to live anywhere that trick or treaters come by, or if I do, there's a tornado warning that year on Halloween and they all stay home.

But I find it exhiliarating that we're heading into Thanksgiving and beyond that, into Christmas. We won't have the SuperKids for Thanksgiving, which is exasperating, but it's in SuperGirlfriend's divorce agreement that she gets the kids for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so that will be wonderful.

And SuperGirlfriend has gone off to work, so the apartment is sadly quiet and empty. Time to go put some music on and take a shower.

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