Little plastic people

SuperGirlfriend took pity on me last night and let me open one of my several birthday presents early. So I am now the gleefully chortling owner of a Veteran Superman (from ICONS), a Veteran Dr. Strange (the FANTASTIC FORCES fig, with the coveted Spider Man TA allowing him to use the new FF Team Ability that all the DC geeks loathe with a passion, and well they should, too, the big babies), and a Fantastic Forces Wolverine Unique, the futuristic version of the character from the DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

Now, yes, it's true, I loathe the character of Wolverine with every fiber of my being and hate Chris Claremont's X-MEN stories even more than that, but DAYS OF FUTURE PAST has a special place in my history and heart, because the first professional writing sale I ever made was a scathing review of that story called "The All New All Dead X-Men". I sold it to a long defunct New Media Irjax fanzine called LOC, for the princely sum of $35.00, and the bums never sent me my promised comp copy either, which is sad because not only did it have my article in it, but it also had this great article by Mark Evanier called "What it Was Was Fandom" that even Mark Evanier doesn't have a copy of anymore. And no, you can't find copies of LOC anywhere any more, either; if you ask Doug Sulipa, who can find any other comic or comics related publication in the history of the universe, he just stares at you as if you are unhinged and then cautiously changes the subject.

But then, a lot of people do that with me.

Anyway, I love these clicks. SuperGirlfriend is the BEST. But all three of my readers knew that already.

It's looking like we're going to have to ground the older two SuperKids off everything fun in their life, though, as their report cards are coming out next week and early returns indicate that we will be appalled by what we see. That means I lose my only two dependable clix opponents. See, THEY screw up and I get punished. How is that fair? But, anyway, it may be a looooong time before I can take my "Fantastic Four with Dr. Strange visiting for tea" team out to play. Which is too bad, because I'd enjoy watching the SuperKids try to hit the Sorcerer Supreme when he's got a 21 defense against missile fire! Whoo hoo!

Still, one of them would play Ultron and the other one would play Thanos and I'd just cry.

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