22 October 2005 18:57 EDT Posted by Highlander

Michael Vick is a pretty damn good quarterback, but, well:

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) -- While it doesn't apply to him, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick criticized the NBA's new dress code Thursday.

``It's a crazy situation,'' Vick said. ``I don't know why people with power would make them dress the way that they want them to dress. Those guys are professionals, but at the same time we are all grown (men).''

When the NBA season kicks off next month, players will be required to wear business-casual attire when involved in team or league business. They can't wear visible chains, pendants or medallions over their clothes.

``I don't think anyone should tell you how to dress, but that is the code and that is what they want and that is what the players have to abide by,'' Vick said. ``I totally disagree with it, but the people make the rules.''

Absolutely. Because getting paid millions of dollars a year to play a frickin' game isn't enough, and being the idol of millions, many of whom are completely hot women who will happily do anything you want, just don't satisfy, oh no. If you can't dress like a retard when you're doing job related stuff off the court, your life just sucks.

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