"Tenser!" said the Tensor

Can't be held responsible
she was touching her face
I won't be held respondible
she fell in love in the first place
For the love of me
I cannot remember why
we thought that we were wise
and we'd never compromise
for the love of me
we did not believe
we'd ever die for these sins
we were merely freshmen

That damn song has been in my head since Saturday. SuperGirlfriend and I were out driving around and it played on one of the local stations. I hadn't heard it, or given it a moment's thought, since whatever summer it was big back in the 1990s... and now I can't get it out of my skull.

Usually I can exorcise these things by going out on the 'net and finding out who recorded it, what album it was on, and when it came out. However, when I do a Google search on the lyrics I remember (see above) all that comes up are a couple of sites where other people have also written down the same lyrics, apparently without having any more information than I do as to who actually recorded the song or when it came out.


I mean, I like the song, pretentious though it is. I'd just like getting it the hell out of my head more.

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