Monday, August 07, 2006

Ahead of the curve


I'm reading and vastly enjoying A FISTFUL OF RAIN by Greg Rucka. The main character reminds me slightly, in very odd ways, of my first girlfriend (and now, fellow blogger and member of this blog) Laurie B., otherwise known as Opus, although the fictional character is a great deal more fucked up than Laurie has ever been (to my knowledge). But I'm mostly enjoying it because Rucka has a fabulous writing style, does great dialogue, is deft with his plot structure, and writes a very credible female viewpoint.

However, I think I've figured out who the bad guys are, and I did it pretty early on. And I'm only noting this because I don't have any way to contact Mr. Rucka directly. See, as a writer myself, I'm always interested in whether or not my plot twists are transparent or not... for example, I always ask, whenever I find out that someone has actually read UNIVERSAL MAINTENANCE, "Did you figure out who The Patron was before I told you?" Because, you know, I want to know if I did a good enough job of misdirection.

So, Greg, assuming you ever do an ego search and pull this up -- I'm pretty sure I've figured out who the bad guys are here. Doesn't keep me from enjoying the book, and I could be wrong (and if I am, it's the greatest literary pump fake I've ever seen). If I'm right, well, don't be too down -- I'm not a pro writer by any means, but I've been studying the art and craft of fiction creation since I was a teenager, so you probably got this by most of the mooks.

Loving the book. Really enjoyed OMAC PROJECT and CHECKMATE, too.


  1. Hmmm. I'm going to have to check this book out....

  2. I'm near the end now. Turns out I was right about the bad guys, although there's one more that I haven't figured out yet, although I have a suspicion. It's still a very well written book, though.

    However, to avoid disappointment, understand that the similarities I see between Mim Bracca (the heroine and narrator) and you are mostly trivial... physical description and the fact that both you and her have brothers you are close to. Other than this, she's largely unlike you (I hope, as she's a very self destructive person.) However, her narrative voice reminds me of you.


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