Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just a Little Anarchy

Foolish things to do with a scanner and a copy of SHOWCASE PRESENTS JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA on a day off when I should be out in the sunshine somewhere...

This last one takes a little more prep time, but hopefully the kicker panel makes it worth it...

Once again, you gotta click on 'em to read em.

With apologies to Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, of course...


  1. Ok, that's friggin hilarious stuff, there.

  2. You know, I could understand this better back in the days when you weren't getting any... ;)

  3. Hey, an adolescent sense of humor is eternal. ;)

  4. I'm with you, Mike. Or...maybe he's not getting any...could that be it?

  5. No. That could NOT be it. And while the Shadow may not know, YOU certainly do. ;)


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