Martian Vision: The Complete Series

For those who care about such things -- well, even for those who don't, I guess -- I've now finished loading every Martian Vision article I'm going to. Although the articles are scattered over two different sites, due to the vagaries of Blogger, as long as you use the column of links on the right hand side of this page, or over at the main Martian Vision site itself, you should be fine.

A big THANK YOU, spelled out with Martian laser vision in the side of the closest sheer granite cliff, has to go to Steve Tice, who hunted up copies of my slightly infamous 4 part METAPHYSICS FOR METAHUMANS article for me. Without it, Martian Vision wouldn't have been complete. Posting that, along with the always controversial WHEN TITANS CRASH and the two part FREAK OUT, pretty much completes the series, other than the various other articles already published on my several different Angelfire sites.

Enjoy! Or don't. It really makes no never mind to me.

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