Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My life at work

Got this email from my boss today.

D* * * *n ,

You are asking for a home telephone number at the beginning of your call and a daytime telephone number at the end of the call.

Please stop this process immediately and going forward ask for a daytime telephone number at the beginning of the call and copy and paste to call doc.

I think that pretty much says it all.


  1. Everytime you don't copy a number to call doc, a kitten explodes.

  2. Heh. Well, can't have that.

  3. No! No exploding kittens!! Does PETA know about this?

    Seriously. Except for, you know, the money thing, I'm very happy to be unemployed right now.

  4. L,

    I don't know if PETA knows about this. Maybe I'll send them an exploding kitten-o-gram.

    PETA: Ooooh it's so cute!
    F.X.: BLAM!
    PETA: Geh-ROSS! Oh, what kind of sick, sick bastard would do this?
    ME: Not sick. Chatty. Laurie says so.

    I've had long periods of adulthood when I was unemployed, too, and the job environment just fuckin rocked. The money blew, though.

    Not in a good way.

    Is there a good way for money to blow?

    And now that Styx song about having too much time on my hands is playing in mah brain...

  5. No, there is no good way for money to blow.

    The only things that can blow good are women or beardless men if you close your eyes.

  6. I think he meant th' kitten explodes sexually.

  7. Bane,

    I... beardless men? I will never shave my face again.


    No, that is most certainly NOT what he meant, now stop trying to give people boners on MY blog. It won't work. MY audience is decent and wholesome, unlike that lot you and Neddie routinely truckle to.

    Have I mentioned how much I admired your account of your bar fight with Wilform Brimley? I voted for it.

    Next year, though, I'm entering my "Full Court Press" entry from back during the Alito hearings in the Koufax Awards, and I'm confident I'll sweep the category.


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