Monday, August 28, 2006

Dead AND wooden

Okay, I'm still waiting for the Season Finale of DEADWOOD.

I watched something on TV last night. It seemed to be sort of like DEADWOOD. (spoilers coming, bail now) Al was certainly back in rare form, knocking his own minions unconscious and cutting the throats of relative innocents for no particularly good reason at all. But I was led to believe there was going to be some big shoot out between Hearst's Pinkerton goons and Al's coalition of the willing -- his own desperadoes, augmented by Wu's chinks and a band of bad asses recruited by the drunken Hawkeye (which included, we were told, a midget who was hell with a knife). I was looking forward to it. And yet, in the end, rather than fight for the right to... well... not kill Trixie OR one of his other whores, Al wimped out, Hearst got on a stage and left town, and the increasingly more erratic and deplorable Cy Tolliver ended up stabbing the odious Leon for no good reason at all, apparently to fulfil the mandatory 'one of the regulars has to die' compulsion Dave Milch seems helpless in the grip of.

Last and certainly not least, as SuperFiancee noted with some outrage, the friggin' theater troupe ended up contributing absolutely nothing that would have justified the endless toll of time and celluloid wasted on them to date.

As nearly any of the characters in this show might well note -- this was a fuckin' gyp.

So I'm still waiting for my Season Finale of DEADWOOD. In much the same way I'm still waiting for REVENGE OF THE JEDI.


  1. Leave 'em guessing, huh? Guessing as to what all those bad asses that were standing around in the thoroughfare did after Hearst's stage pulled out of town...among other things.

    Maybe guessing how much hate mail Milch is gonna get after that particularly disappointing 'ending'.

  2. Been looking for my latest DVD to sink into...and this one sounds pretty good.

    The heck with the we'll never see is "Revenge of the 'Droids." Those little guys got treated like crap and never did get their due...


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