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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm freaking out!

Okay, I'm not. I'm actually playing hookie -- hookey? no matter how I spell it, it looks wrong, so fuggit -- from work. See, Monday was the last day of the month, in addition to being Monday, and thus, it was horrible beyond the mind of man to comprehend, and then Tuesday was the first day of the month, and although call volume dropped off appreciably, the vast majority of calls that we got were all from Verizon employees bitching about their commuter accounts, which means nothing to you, but if you worked where I work, you'd understand that a day where 60% of the calls are Verizon Commute calls is very much like a day without... I don't know... local anesthetic with which to treat a raging toothache.

Coupled to that was the fact that the car still wasn't fixed and we didn't know if it would be fixed and when we have no car I go to work each day not having any idea how I am going to get home that night. Which is an additional layer of stress on top of an already mind boggling level of vocational stress and I just don't need it. I wound up taking a taxi home from work last Friday, and last night, and when the taxi didn't show Monday, I lucked into a ride to the bus stop as one of the few friends I have at the call center happened to end her shift at the same time as mine did (which almost never happens, due to unpredictable shift scheduling for those of us working the ten hour day).

I really didn't need any more of any of that crap, so I just called in today. And of course, now the car is fixed. Which is a great big WHOOPIE, he said, with no sarcasm at all. Now if we could just get back the wads o' cash we spent on taxis and such like the last two weeks... but never mind, never mind.

(The idea of a great big Whoopie Goldberg is a pretty appalling one, though.)

Okay. So over in my sideboard there's a big column of links to the various Martian Vision articles, and I've put a similar column over at the main Martian Vision site. Having had to go in and edit pretty much all of these articles to some extent or another before reposting them (damn my run on paragraphs, damn them, DAMN them), I'm aware that they are all grotesquely opinionated, and absurdly dated, and many of them are just plain goddam obnoxious, and I'm still missing around half a dozen of them, too, which hopefully I will be able to recover when and if Steve Tice manages to get his comic shops website back up again.

Oh. And going through old, old email over at my Juno account, I just found a copy of yet another Martian Vision article I need to get up, so... I'll do that, sometime later.

In the meantime, I have to say, this calling in sick at work when you're not really sick is the shit.


At 10:36 AM , Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

So is an unexpected four-day weekend because the workload is spotty. Unfortunately, I don't get paid for it, but sometimes time is worth more than money.

Enjoy your day! (and thanks, now I can't get the image of those giant shaved eyebrows out of my head)

At 10:37 AM , Blogger Highlander said...

A gigantic Guinan is probably the worst of all possible interpretations of a great big Whoopie, yeah.

At 2:31 AM , Blogger AaA said...

The hat alone would weigh 75 kilos.

And shelter entire extended family clans of Mexican migrant farmers.

At 10:18 AM , Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

Maybe we'd better all get together and build one...beats a big stupid fence and would be much better gift to the world.


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