Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Everybody Beats The Crap Out Of Raymond With A Crowbar

I'm telling you, I could make a fortune doing programming for any major network.

So I got nothin' going on. Work still sucks. Nobody will play HeroClix with me. Can't find gamers for my RPG. T'ousands o' cool little plastic figures around the apartment, gathering dust. Along with twenty years worth of work on a roleplaying campaign I can't get anyone to play in.

Yeah. All I have in my life is the greatest fiancee in the world and the most fabulous kids imaginable. Woe. Woe is me.

The last two episodes of DEADWOOD have been way too short, too. Anybody who's paying for HBO just to watch this show should be pissed.

It's weird. Both my blog and SuperFiancee's seem to be in a slump. No one much is commenting on either. Now, with me it could just be that I'm obnoxious, but I can't understand why SHE doesn't get comments. She's fabulous! She should have a book deal. It makes no sense. Everyone go give her nice comments. Do it NOW.

Hey, I took SUPREME POWER VOL. 1 out of the library and read it last weekend. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. Squadron Supreme meets Watchmen. Interesting. I wonder who the fish guy is.

WizKids has confirmed quite a few of the figs that will be in SUPERNOVA, but I can't talk about that here or Mike Norton will beat me to death with his Spectre sculpt.

It looks like being an even better set than SINISTER for character choice. I assume the dials will make strong men weep, though. Seems like a safe presumption.

I should just give up on REINVENTING COMICS.

It amazes me that no one on the internet has ever published a Photoshopped picture of the Olsen twins tongue kissing each other.

Not that I've looked exhaustively, or anything.


  1. Thanks for the link, Sweetie! I don't worry much about my blog stuff. I'm getting lots of traffic, just not lots of comments. Not a thing. For me anyway.

    You sound pretty down today. Wish some of the other things in your life were bringing you some joy. I really do.

  2. Work is something I still don't want to talk about, so I'm with you on that.

    We'll see what happens this upcoming Saturday as far as the local clix plans are going.

    Deadwood's been gnawing these past two episodes, I agree, though this most recent one had more oomph to it than the previous week. We got to see Al back in action this time, at least.

    Knowing there's only two more episodes left is what is likely getting to all of us. There's too much future for these characters for that to take care of, even with two movies to follow next year.

    My interest in and energy for blogging -- writing or commenting -- is at an ebb, too. I look around and read but generally can't bother myself to write much if anything in response. What comes to mind is broken and banal and not worth typing.

    I've been following SUPREME POWER by the trade, too, but I believe I'm one unread trade behind.

    As for Supernova, yeah, this is going to be a tough over two months for me, as they're likely not more than a couple weeks away from official announcements concerning the set, and photos and inside info have been leaking. As I've said several times, I expect that by the time the set hits I'll have heard most of who's in it, and that it'll really be the sculpts, dials and point costs for the figures I'll most effectively be able to keep hidden.

    People - with the best intentions, so I can hardly be angry - have brought me news of everything from Nova and Drax to Mantis and the Super Apes -- leading me to expect a Red Ghost, too. There's almost certainly more out there by now, but I'm not looking for it.

    Still, I'm dutifully avoiding Boneyard's lists and anything marked as Supernova spoilers. I really, truly want to be able to open boosters and be surprised.

    I couldn't pick one of the Olsen twins out of a lineup unless someone made it really easy by making everyone else black, male, etc.

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I've never understood the appeal of the Olsen twins. In fact, I was disgusted by some guys at my job who had a countdown going just before the girls' 18th birthday.


  4. I do want to add that I tend to be that way about almost anyone who's on a hot & sexy list. More often than not unless they've been named-dropped heavily for years my first reaction will be "who"? Actors and actresses portraying characters or writers crafting them, I tend to take them all as being properly kept behind the illusion. All I'm really interested in is the illusion. If they've somehow called attention to themselves, for me, it's usually for a bad thing, because they've done something to shatter the illusion and call attention to themselves.

    That I've never been into porn or the search for anything to be... used that way may have something to do with this, too.

  5. I've never understood the appeal of the Olsen twins. In fact, I was disgusted by some guys at my job who had a countdown going just before the girls' 18th birthday.

    As a more than average lecherous guy myself, I try not to be overly disgusted with other people's objects of desire. (I myself have never understood anyone wanting to have anything to do with Pamela Anderson. But millions disagree.)

    As to the Olsen twins, well, they're each attractive enough, but I think it's mostly the twin thing. If you don't get the 'twin thing', then, well, sure, you won't get the Olsen Twin thing.

  6. Is it just me, or are the Dahm triplets somehow... fake? I mean, I'm sure they're really triplets, and their last name is Dahm, but they just seem... artificial, strained, forced, I dunno, just, not really real, somehow.

    Definitely pretty, but pretty in the 'Don't touch anything in here, it's behind glass for a reason.' way, not the uh, the better way.

    Sorry, my articulation skills seem low.


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