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Friday, August 04, 2006


Well, SuperFiancee likes to do these link dump things, I figure I can't go wrong following her example:

First, here's Peter B. Gillis in a longish rhetorical exchange on abortion.

Greg Palast is my kind of investigative journalist. I commend you to read everything on his page (I'll be picking up a copy of his latest book as soon as I can squeeze some extra cash out), but I especially underscore the importance of this story, in which we learn exactly what Dick Cheney doesn't want anyone to know about his energy policy meetings back in 2001, and exactly why we're in Iraq. It's not what you think.

Democrats remain clueless, as this article, clearly written to indicate otherwise, clearly indicates. See if you don't agree.

Note also what's missing from their newly Unitarian policy proposals -- any mention of gay marriage, electoral reform, tax reform, or investigating Republican corruption/wrongdoing if they get into office.

I'm not sure what the implication is, in this particular story about Rush Limbaugh's trip to the Dominican Republic where he got caught with Viagra that had been prescribed for someone else. I don't understand why Rush would find it necessary to get drugs prescribed in someone else's name to "further maintain and protect [his] privacy". I mean, privacy is something for the guilty, right? What have you got to hide, Mr. Limbaugh?

I myself got sucked into the carefully nurtured myth of Flight 93, shortly after 9/11. But I should have known better, and so should you.

If you want to have sex with disabled and/or autistic children, there's a new religion just for you.

Then there's this brand new electric sports car, which seems like the shit to me, but what the hell do I know? Check it out for yourself.

Back to Greg Palast's site for a mo'... while I recommend everything, another article I want to call particular attention to is this one, regarding how the electricity companies are giving us all a good buttfucking these days. At least one of my readers will greatly enjoy this particular money shot passage:

"By now, you’ve got to ask: after the profiteering from Katrina, after the California power scandal of 2000, after the Great Black-out of 2003, even after the hand-cuffing of Ken Lay, why are we still under a deregulation regime that Ken Lay seems to rule from the grave? Why is it that we’re still at the mercy of power vampires?

The answer, in part, is that the bloodsucking is a bi-partisan feast. Entergy, the New Orleans nuclear company, is well defended in the US Senate by their former lawyer, Hillary Rodham, who now protects them under her new alias, Senator Clinton."

Now, I'm off to post a few more articles to the Martian Vision site. Everybody have a good day; we may not have many of them left.


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