Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I meant to do that

For years I've been laboring under the crushing burden, the sheer oppressive spiritual weight of hellish guilt that is the lot of a person who, while living in Florida in the year 2000, cast a vote in the presidential election for Ralph Nader.

It's been an ordeal. Truly.

But earlier today, it abruptly occurred to me, that maybe, just maybe, I'm a hero rather than a goat.

Perhaps... perhaps, in the long run, I did a magnificent and noble thing.

After all, did I not spare the world the sheer unrelenting horror of... a Joe Lieberman Presidency in 2008?

Think about it.


  1. Baby, I adore you, but the denial has clearly taken it's toll. As bad as a Joe Leiberman presidency might have been...and that's all theoretical, so we're letting our imaginations run directly to worst-case scenario...I do not believe we would be where we are now with the war, with foreclosures, with gas prices, with health-care and education crises. I just really do not.

    So, to recap, I love you dearly, but, yes, yes you are responsible for the death-spiral this country has felt at the hands of Dubya. Please vote more responsibly in November. Your vote is obviously 'special'.

  2. ...so it's YOUR fault, isn't it?? Just kidding. I think if I was living in Florida in 2000, I might have voted for Nader, too. But here in New York, it didn't and will not matter who I vote for - it's all going to come out blue in the wash.

  3. ...which is why I bear no burden of guilt for my sadly misled vote in 2000. And of course, it also means that the Money-grublican shennanigans that kepy my vote from being counted in my hometown meant little to the '04 race.

    My faith in American democracy, ebbs.

  4. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I'd rather not think about a Leiberman presidency in 2008, thanks.
    But heck, let's assume that you, along with everyone else that voted Nader in 2000, actually voted Democrat.
    We'd get Gore presidency, which would be great...

    ...until, you know he was assassinated.

    Then we'd be faced with a Leiberman presidency in, like 2002.
    And unless I'm mistaken, he'd still be eligible to run again this year.

    The horror!