Friday, May 02, 2008

It's... Astonishing!

The new issue of ASTONISHING ADVENTURES (number 3) is available online. You can read it online here, or download your very own copy here. And soon, we are told, it will be available in hard copy from, just like issue #2 is now. Hurray!

All three issues contain short stories by yours truly, and issue 2 has a story by Nate Clark, too, making it an exceptionally wise investment on nearly anyone's part. (Of the three stories I've had published at AA, the one in issue 2 is my personal favorite, as well.) The latest issue, however, is the best looking of the run so far, sporting a truly stunning cover by magazine publisher John Carlucci and some very polished layouts inside. And, as this is the first issue where authors are actually being offered a word rate, Editor in Chief Tim Gallagher was very choosy as to which submissions made the final cut (other than the piece of crap by yours truly, which made it into the book due to pity on his part, or something).

All told, ASTONISHING ADVENTURES #3 is a helluva high quality package, which will richly reward any time you may wish to invest in perusing it, especially given that you can do so for the low low price of Not-A-Red-Cent. If you love old fashioned pulp style textual thrills, strap on your jet pack, unholster your .45s, and rocket through the ozone into -- ASTONISHING ADVENTURES!!!

Oh, and yes, Tony, this is the issue with the Doc Nebula story in it.

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  1. Congrats on the pub. I've downloaded it; I'm on deadline (yeah, I know, then what am I doing surfing around the blogosphere...) and will read soon. I'm really looking forward to it!