Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wish Sandwich

Two slices of bread, and you wish you had some meat:

***Or a Democratic Presidential nominee.

***Or the ability to send the astral selves of every adult American citizen who didn't vote for Al Gore back in time to possess their 2000 era bodies and vote all over again. Imagine no War on Terror, no Gitmo, no Abu Ghraib, no illegal Federal wiretapping, no outing of Valerie Plame, no invasion/endless occupation of Iraq. Imagine we got started on sensible energy and economic policies 8 years ago. Imagine.

***Or a job designing games.

***Or a reasonably lucrative career as a writer.

***Or a successful job as an online cartoonist.

***Or super-intelligence.

***Or a cool musical playlist in my blog border, like Mike Norton has... oh, wait, I gots one o' dose. Neat.

***Or an XBox 360 I could play MASS EFFECT on.

***Or a functional light-sabre. Or a phaser (Old school, please, not those stupid things that look like TV remote controls.) I'll take either.

***Or KOTOR 3. (Or a finished version of KOTOR 2, for that matter.)

***Or the check I've been promised for my story in ASTONISHING ADVENTURES #3. Or the slightest hint when I can expect it.

***Or a flying car.

***Or a few more computers in this house with Internet access.

***Or a big screen high density TV with a satellite dish so I could watch Bucs games at home during football season.

***Or a secret satellite headquarters from which I could teleport anything on Earth from anywhere on Earth to anywhere else on Earth.

***Or the ability to draw like Jack Kirby.

***Or a good singing voice.

***Or a great deal of natural talent at playing musical instruments.

***Or a robot duplicate Doc Nebula that could go to work and do my job for me while I stay home and blog.

***Or a blog that more than 6 people read.

That last is no doubt very unenlightened of me, but I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam.

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